Written by DJ

8 May 2005

Last Saturday night we decided to go out for the night and have some fun!

We got to our first bar about 9ish and continued from there on a pub crawl. Feeling rather 'dirty' I decided to where my kinky gear clothing, short, very, if I bend over you can see my slit! denim tight skirt with no panties, and a tight fitting low top that enhanced my bra-less breasts, so that my round, hard nipps could be seen under the thin material, just to top it off I wore my shiny black leather Knee boots defining my legs off just to perfection.

This makes me feel extremely horny! (In fact I'm just soaking down below and waiting to get fucked).

It was so nice to go out and be able to lick my lips, in a flirtacious way whenever a young male happens to pass me by, I give him that 'come-on' look with my head slighly bowed, and my eyes looking up to meet his in a tantilising way, thoughts going through my head of what I could do to him given 5 minutes or so!

It gets past last orders and we all move on to a Club to dance the night away, I'm on the middle of the dance floor, with my partner, grooving the night away salsa style, e.g. our pelvics grinding together making each other hotter and sweatier by the second, he leaves for a minute to get a drink, I carry on dancing along to the rythymn and feel of the music being blasted out, surrounded by young hopefuls needing a peice of a more experience confident woman.

I take them by the shoulder spinning in circles aroung them, feeling my-self up and down turning my self on. I see at the side of the floor my partner he is grinning in anticipation, he knows how I am feeling and what I am upto.

These young boys all hot and ready, hard and quick, I take one by the hand and whisper in his ear 'do you want me?'.

His eyes light up in delight, as he nods furiously, not beleiving his look I take hold of his hand and lead him outside in to the moonlit darkness.

I lead him to a dimly lit street near the club, unknown to him my partner had followed at a safe distance behind, as not to be seen. This young lad was hot and hard, he undid his pants in anticipation and as he put his hand down my top, grabbed at my hard breasts, I squealed in both sexual delight and frustration as his other hand slipped up my already short skirt, he gave me a dirty grin as he realised I had no panties on.

He nudged my legs apart with his knee, grabbed his by now 6in dick and shoved it in me like a man possessed, he thrusted away at me like an inexperienced nipper would, I nibbled his neck quite hard, he stopped and looked at me, I pushed him slighty away and walked over to a parked car, here I looked at him sheepishly, turned round and waggled my by now bare arse cheeks up at him in a seductive way, my top had been pulled down to reveal pert, cold nipples.

I leaned over the bonnet and waited not long for him, first he put a finger inside me, opening me up like a glove teasing my insides urging me to come, next he put two fingers inside my now soaking wet, aching pussy, pushing slowly in and out, playing with my sesitive zones, making me groan and arc in pleasure, I whispered to him 'fuck me', I was in agony needing to feel a big cock thrusting away deep into my hole being able to squeeze away at it with my vaginal muscles feeling every movement.

He push his hard cock deep into me I gasped at the pleasure it was bringing me, I looked up and noticed a shadow across the street, it was my partner getting his enjoyment out of this.

The young lad slipped his left hand round and grabbed my breast and toyed with my nipple, his right hand slid down to my clit, which were already wet with pussy juices, he rubbed frantically, it felt so good, he thrusted deep into me a few more times and then came deep into me with a cry of relief, he leaned over me for a few moments in exhaustion, he got up did his pants up, made his excuses and then left.

I didn't mind I had just had my starters, main course and desert was yet to come.

A few moments later my partner emerge from the shadows, hot, hard and longing for a piece of me, he moved me round to the front of the car sat me on it and opened my legs, he prized my dripping lips apart and licked off all the sticky juices that had leaked from me so far, he continued up to my clit and licked away like a thirsty dog, I threw my head back in ectasy, this was good, no young lad could do this, he then moved fingers into me and filled me slowly but firmly, in and out round and round.

I was on the edge of an almighty orgasm, in the dark on a strangers car, my legs were shaking and I was thrusting to the movements of my partners, his experienced flicking tongue and his precise fingers, all of a sudden he hit the spot with perfect timing and I exploded squealing and squirming with an electrical pulse running through my body lasting for ages, until I clapsed, smiling, like the cat that had got the cream. It was his turn next!!