Written by T

20 Jul 2004

I went to a club last week my husband came too, I was dressed very sexy in a ery short micra skirt min thong and slinky top bare middle showing my tummy piercing, heals and an anklet. My husban dlikes to see me with other guys and i go to this club often. Btw I am 36 years old, 36c2435 shaved and a slut for younger guys and adore black men.

Anyway we were waiting at the queue gus one of the door, who i have fucked before, said come on in T so I was pushed in before a few others, leaving my husband in the queue. When i got in he took me into the back rom and groped my arse inside my skirt and put his long thick balck fingers inside my fanny and the kissed me hard the other hand inside my top groping my tits, have not seen you for a while you slag, and then started to kiss my nipples and down to my fanny and licked my cunt for a while before telling me to suck his cock, he has a very large thick cck about 10" and loves oral sex, after a few minutes he stood me up turned me around and bent me over and fucked my doggy style and shot his cum inside my cunt, wait there slag he said and caled his mate at the door, and Bil came in anther black door man and he fucked me too, I was then left to clean up telling me that I was ab great fuck and a whore. I got to the bar and my husband was waiting I told him what had happened he said that he knew that as the door man told the queue that you got in as they would fuck you as a reward.

That evening i dance with about ten guys got groped fingered kissed and sucked two guys off and shagged a guy who was celebrating his engagement, his girlfriend was oblivios to what was happening. At the end of the night two 19 year old asian guys came on to me ad they were very good looking muscular and well hung, 9" both of them they took me back to my place and fucked me in front of my husband, as I left the door men shouted enjoy the slut is a great fuck.

At home they fucked my arse and cunt and face, they came over me, and asked if they could piss over me so I took them into the bathroom and they did, they styed the night my husband sleeping in the soare room and they both could fuck for england. i had a great night and proved that i am a total slut. Any blakc or asian guys on the south coast want to meet that would be great u must be under thirty though.