Written by andynjill

23 Jan 2004

On our return home from Lanzarote,J brought home some brochures for our summer holiday,,Cyprus was the place chosen and it was set for August at the hottest time .after choosing our hotel i half jokingly said we should use the months in front of us to see if we could find somebody to watch us have sex.J said it wouldn't be too difficult but what if we got caught by the local police and i had to explain to her that i meant actually being in our room to watch us.J said it was possible but she would rather it be a spur of the moment thing than seting it all up by mail beforehand,she said it wouldn't feel right to her just going to our room fucking for someone and then turfing them out so to speak,,so i said we should ask them to join in,,J gave me that look that meant the conversation about this subject was over.When May came round and the weather was warmer it was that time again when J wore less coveringon top and shorter skirts,,our sex life was raging again and i told her that i had found a site for swingers that had different catagories of swinging ,,clubs soft etc..J was surprisingly interested so we both trwaled thru the site one evening reading loads of ads til i confessed that i had put an ad in the sofe swinging section the day b4 and waited for the slap but she asked me to look 4 it.J was only pissed off with the fact that i had not attached a pic to the ad saying we would get more replies with a pic,..In bed that night i asked why the change of mind she said it wasn't a change of mind she was curious to how many genuine ppl would reply.we did get a lot of genuine replies,so i changed the ad to looking for a cpl to meet us in Cyprus.This narrowed it down to 3 cpls ,,and only 1 cpl would be there a t the same time as us,,,knowing J liked the idea of being watched but not having it choreographed i contacted the cpl ,i filled them in on my wife's doubts and over the next 2 months swapped mails and phone calls with them.Ed n Liz ,were a bit older than us ..actually in their 50s but i wanted J to have another cock so much i was not bothered by age,,,,and they were fit for 50s too anyway.Everything was arranged by us 3 without J knowing,right down to what bar a nd what time on what day we would accidently meet up.It was me who suggested to Ed that it would be better to play pool against each other to stike up a holiday friendship so to speak.Come the holiday all this happenend...2nd day in ..in the bar ,,play pool with Ed ,,get chatting ,,J none the wiser..after a week we were very relaxed with each other,,J and Liz both topless ,,me n Ed concealing hard ons,,a few times during the week Ed told me he would love to fuck J,and was looking forward to me fucking Liz if everything went to plan.On the Monday night it was the reps night to put on a show ,i said i was not up for goin around the bars and didn't want to watch the show so why not get some booze in our oom and sit on the balcony,,all agreed ,so Ed n Liz turn up about 9-30 at our room,,J had on a white mini,,no knickers and no bra under her vest top.Liz was wearing a bue knee lengthskirt and light blue vest top too .After 3 bottles of wine ,,half bottle of B aileys,,cpl of beers everyone was merry,,back in the appt at the fridge i asked Ed if he could see anythying,,he said he had seen her shaven pussy a cpl of times but J was still keeping it covered as she thought they were our holiday friends,,when i got the chance i told J to flash her pussy to Ed,she bit her lip and nodded,,i stood in the doorway and watched events unfold ,,J put her foot on my chair so both Ed n Liz could see her pussy without any doubt,conversation just carried on as normal with J flashing her cunt until Ed put his down to his crotch and squeezed the lump in his shorts,,,my eyes dashed to J then to Liz then back to J..Liz said she needed the loo and got up.this meant J had to move her legs,,she could have put them str8 on the floor but swung them over the chair one at a time so Ed got a glimpse of her with her legs open for a second,i had thoughts going thru my head that we were losing control and J had gained the advantage now,,so i said to Ed ,,does J have knickers on then,,'no' he said..''and her pussy is swollen''.,with that he got up and went to see where Liz was,,i said to J .'' my cock is aching and iwant to fuck u so much come in here on the bed with me''giggling like a schoolgirl we ended up on the bed furthest from the balcony.Ed was in the bathroom with his wife and iwas kissing J and feeling her tits up with a raging hard on to boot.hurrying things along i flicked my thumb on her clit which was massive and heard her moan ,,i knew now J was too far gone to stop or care about who was in our room with us,,in fact 10 minutes later iwas oblivious to the fact that Ed n Liz were now on the other bed watching us intently,,Ed had his cock out wanking while Liz wa squirming her bum around but not touching her self anywhere,J by now had that glazed look in her eyes with arms behind her head tis out with hard nipples bucking her arse onto my fingers moaning away,,throwing caution to the wind i flashed my eyes at Ed to come over,,he slid off the bed and was kneeling on the floor behind me while i rubbed J's pussy,,moving to the side i let him lower his head down to her cunt and waited for him to do the business.Ed flicke dout his tongue and J opened her legs wider ,,it was only when iput my cock to her mouth that she realised it was not my tongue,J took my cock and sucked like she knows how to,,i looked at Liz who had a hand up her skirt legs spread rubbing away,,i caught Ed's attention and he knew what i meant,,replacing his tongue with his fingers he manged to release his cock ,,6" sprang into view,,i reached down to rub J 's pussy with Ed and she went wild,,i kept asking if she wanted a good fucking over and over,,,,inthe end she said'please fuck me b4 i cum'.Ed got betwen her thighs and plunged st8 in.even if J wanted me it was too late,she fucked back on his cock while istood and watched.Liz beckoned me over but i was mesmerised watching my wife fuck like a backstreet whore,jets of cum spurted from me and landed on her face n hair but she was that turned on she didn't know til after,on seing this Ed said he was goin to cum and did she want it in her or out..''on my cunt'' she screamed.Ed pulled out wanked his jets onto her pussy making her cum instantly..for someone 50 odd he had a lot of juice.when she had calmed down a voice said''wot about me ...i havn't cum yet''..Ed replied the first one to get hard again gets to fuck Liz,,not wanting to push my luck i made sure Ed won.....thats the next part of our story