Written by roger

27 Apr 2005

when i started having sex with a girl ive known for some time i had no idea of the wranglings it would cause.id been having sex with my friend for about a fortnight and when i was out on my own one night another female friend of mine asked me in a somewhat annoyed tone,"is it true youve been going with kelly?"i could see no harm in admitting it at the time which caused my friend mel to see red!she was really annoyed and asked,"what the hell do you see in her?she can be a right cow."mel began to spout a few home truths about kelly and i was intruiged at mels annoyance.soon after mel asked if i would walk her home which wasnt to far out of my way anyhow.mel invited me into her small bedsit for a coffee but explained she had to be up for work early.i said i wouldnt stay long but mel wanted to make me see sense about kelly,(it turned out kelly had been winding mel up about shagging my brains out)as we finished our coffees mel turned to me and said,"you dont have to see that cow you know!!"When i gave mel a puzzled look she pulled down the front of her v neck top and opened it up so i could look down inside at her tits hanging in her black bra.mel asked defiantly,"want some?you can if you stop going with that cow kelly!"without any firm commitment i said keenly,"yeah ,ok then."mel gave me a stern look and said."i hope you mean it."as i nodded mel pulled her top off over her head and said,"come on then,get it out,il give you a good reason not to see that silly cow."mel stripped off really quickly and helped me to drag my jeans and pants off.she barged me back into her small sofa and knelt on the floor between my open knees.she seiezed my hard upright cock in her hand and wanked it firmly up and down.sensing my growing excitement mel pulled my cock forward and rubbed it vigouresly over her face.it felt fantastic which encouraged her to rub my cock even more crudely around her determined face.when she had me fully wound up she flicked her long hair back over her shoulders and plunged her open mouth fully onto my rock hard cock.she sucked me in as deep as she could manage and let out a muffled crude groan as she sucked eagerly on my pulsing cock.i gripped the seat covers in my hands and braced myself to control the deperate need to come hard in her mouth.mel would have contently let me blast my come down her throat but i wasnt going to give in that easily.as the strong initial urges lessoned mel set about giving me the most enthusiastic blow job she could muster.as i gained further self control mel reacted keenly as i gripped her head in my hands and began to thrust upward freely fucking her slurping mouth.the desperate need to come was almost unbearable and in desperation i gasped,"mel!let me fuck you!please."mel dragged my cock out of her mouth with a pleased wicked grin and said,"stay there!"she stood up and squated her open bare fanny squareley above my upright stiff cock and guiding it with her hand she fed my cock up into her moist open hole.she skewered her fanny down onto my bolt upright cock with comfortable ease and as she sat in my lap fully impaled i looked closely at her full milky white tits hanging intvitingly in front of my face.before i could push my face into her tits mel grinned and began to bounce up and down hard in my lap.we fucked eagerly for a while then mel asked keenly if i wanted to change round.i breathlessly agreed as mel raised herself off my cock then we swapped places on the couch with her kneeling forward inviting me to do her doggy style.i was able to stand behind her and comfortably slide my cock inside her as she leaned forward on the couch.fucking her from behind was a test of utter endurance and mel glanced over her shoulder to ask,"any competition?"i was to breathless to answer and all i could do was to shake my head in acknowledgement which pleased mel immensly.mel urged me to come inside her and as i continued to hold back she glanced around and asked,"do you want to come in my mouth instead?"i said id love to and as i pulled out mel asked if it was better with her.i said she was brilliant then a wicked thought entered my mind!i told mel there was something kelly wouldnt let me do.i made out that kelly wouldnt ever let me come all over her.mel laughed and said,"the miserable cow."i then added,"it was probably because i tried to do it over her face and she said,"no way!"mel looked really pleased with herself and said,"well i think we can get one over on her!"mel knelt in front of me and swept her hair back behind her.she tipped her head back and said,"come on then,do it all over my face,i wont be bothered!"i couldnt believe my great fortune and my heart hammered really hard.i took hold of my cock and swept it across mels upturned face and i could feel my come churning wildly in my balls.my stomach fluttered and i was really close to exploding.i asked mel,"are you sure about this?"she grinned up at me and said,"go on,let me have it,right on my face!"that was to much and my come quickly surged up into my pulsing cock and i warned crudely,"oh fuck,here it comes,im going to spunk in your face!"i shook all over and with a lust fuelled gasp my come began to blast out of my cock and splatter all over mels preety face.it streaked over her eyes and splashed loudly against her small white cheeks.she flinched and blinked and started to giggle as more and more heavy spurts fired full into her face from close range.she eagerly accepted my whole messy load all over her upturned smiling face and she clenched her matted eyes tightly shut and laughed openly.it was a brilliant sight i will never forget and mel has promised to let me come on her face again if i stay away from kelly.im(almost convinced).