Written by marshallamp

8 Mar 2005

i was once fortunate enough to enjoy casual sex with a girl i worked with.she enlightened me to a theme that i never realised could be so exhilerating!!sex with her was always vigourous & enthusiastic but she had a specific craving that left me utterly spellbound!!when she could sense my endurance to hold back my ejaculation was utterly unbearable she would actively & strongly urge me to come all over her face!!she offered several reasons..when she first asked me to come on her face she simply said..it would be sexy!she also said she loved it because..it was such a dirty thing to do!she added that she loved the feeling of humiliation immedeatally after the event..she gave a cosmetic reason that a mans sperm was the best skin treatment for a girls complexion.i will never ever forget the first time i came on her face.i remember fucking her blissfully from behind & my balls were heaving & rumbling like an active volcano.she sensed my endurance was unbearable & thats when she stopped to explain her wish to have me come on her face!the very thought of coming all over her small pretty face was making my heart thump like a sledgehammer.she stretched out on her back & placed & pillow comfortably under her head.she asked me sit squarely astride her slim slender chest & when i did so she placed her hands on my hips & pulled me right up until i was almost straddling her shoulders.i looked down at her as she tucked her long straight hair back behind her ears then with a wicked grin she said..go on then..do your worst..cover my face in it!!i was going out of mind with the very prospect & i grabbed my rigid stiff cock & pushed it down to press it against the side of her soft pretty face.i could feel the heat from my cock melting into her soft lily white skin.i was so overwhelmed that i began to crudely rub my iron hard cock all over her small pretty face which she seemed to enjoy immensly.as i rubbed my cock all around her smiling face she began to urge me on & she keenly encouraged me to come fully in her face.it was all to much & i warned her i was about to come!her eyes were ablaze with lust & all the time she was urging me on to come all over her face.my whole body tensed then shuddered violently & i aimed my cock right between her eyes..i gasped out & heaved strongly as my come began to blast rapidly onto her grinning upturned face.i watched her blink & flinch as several heavy spurts splattered full in her face from close range.i have never come so frantically in all my life & she began to giggle & laugh openly as i kept spraying a fountain of spunk all over her entire face.there were hundreds of white beads of come sprinkled in her hair & i finally wiped my dripping cock over the tip of her dainty nose.when i looked down after recovering my senses i saw the most obscene & raunchy sight ive ever seen in my life!!her small pretty face was completly smothered in a thick layer of fresh messy sperm.there were heavy streaks lined & roped over her small white cheeks that had splattered to a halt in her fringe & in the rest of her hair.i was mesmorised when she reached blindly for my cock & began to rub her messy face with it.she smiled radiantly & asked me to rub my sperm into her skin with my cock.this i did enthusiastically for quite some time.over the coming weeks & months ahead i came over her face many times & it has developed into the most exhilerating feeling ive ever known!sadly there are many women who will never consider letting a lover come on her face!!