Written by Charles

28 Jun 2006

I work with this married, female coworker, she’s a size 10, 36-28-36, C-cup, 150 cm tall, long blonde hair and drop dead gorgeous. I had been trying for over a year to bed this woman, spending lunch time with her, lunch time walks, listening to her every word, flirting with her, but she always turned down my advancements since she’s already married. One day she was upset with her husband and children, I was listening to her when she said, “I should have married you”, I quickly replied, “Wow, just think we could have been intimate together” which she replied, “May we should be!” I wasn’t going to miss this opening after a year of effort, and suggested we go back to my place where we could talk some more.

We quickly went back to my place; we sat on the couch with my arm around her, where she continued to tell me about her problems. She said, “Why didn’t I marry a guy like you” and with that our tongues were dancing around in our mouths. Her head was in my lap within a few minutes, my cock was out, she was sucking and slurping away on it, while I was sliding my hands up her bare legs, under her skirt. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom.

I laid her on the bed, I was laying on top of her, kissing her passionately with her blouse half undone, skirt up around her waist when she said the thing all men hate to hear,” Do you have a condom.” Dam, she was insisting I wear a condom, being single I had one in the night table; I pulled it out and place it on the table. I threw her blouse, skirt to the side; she pulled off my shirt, pants and threw them to the side. I was kissing, sucking on her breasts through her bra; I rolled her on top, as I was unbuttoning her bra her breasts fell into my face. I started nibbling and sucking on her nipples, I rolled her over and sled down between her legs. I began kissing, licking and sucking on her hot wet pussy through her panty. I slide her panty down; she spread her legs and reached up with her hands to grab the head board. I proceeded to lick and suck on her pussy lips, getting my tongue deep inside her pussy, swallowing her pussy juices as I went. After several orgasms, her pussy was red hot and dripping wet, I slide up on her. When she said those dreaded works, “It’s time to put your condom on.”

Of course when it came time to put the condom on, I couldn’t fine the dam thing, we must have knocked it off the table while our cloths, completely spoiling the mood. I got out of bed to start looking for the dam thing and found it under the pile of cloths. I stood up by the bed rolling the condom down onto my cock, she laid there buck naked spread eagle on the bed watching me. I stood by the bed looking down at this beautiful woman lying in my bed waiting for me; this was a woman I had been pursuing for a very long time now, I wanted to feel her with my cock and not through a piece of rubber. I looked down at her and said, “Fuck it” and ripped the condom off my cock, she said, “Oh my God.” As I slide back into bed with her, kneeling between her legs, she didn’t resist. As I lending over her and started guiding my unprotect cock towards her hot pussy lips, she slide her legs up, bending them at the knees, spreading them wider apart assuming the missionary position to better accommodate my cock into her pussy. I slide the head of my cock into her, her pussy lips sled over the head, she started thrusting her hips forward, so I remained stationary as she slide her pussy onto my cock. I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy; it felt fantastic to finally feel her with my cock after pursuing her for such a long time.

I took my time fucking her; I wanted it to last a long time since it had taken me so much time and effort to get her here. Slowly over time I kept increasing my rhythmic motion and force. After about 30 minutes we were pounding each other wildly; I was going to blow my load any second now, I told her I was going cum. She grabbed my ass, squeezed my cheeks, pulling me tightly against her body, in anticipation to receive my seed into her womb. I blew my seeds of passion deep into her womb, it felt fantastic to finally be fulfilling my goal, of pumping my cum deep into her body after such a long pursuit. Afterwards she took a shower, got dressed and left.

At work I started trying to persuade her into bed again, but she mentioned what happened shouldn’t have happened and playing hard to get, but after a few months she started showing signs I may be able to bed her again. I know I’ll bed her again in a few more months when the time is right again, which builds up the excitement of it all. She is the type that likes to be pursued and making a man work to have her, since she’s married. I enjoy the pursuit, the long challenge and especially the fulfillment when I’m pumping my cum deep inside her body.