Written by golden balls

27 Nov 2011

Jill, Betty and I walked to the beach. It took about 20 minutes. We chatted and laugh all the way there.Once on the beach we stripped nude. There was 6 other couples all naked. As we settled down Jill drew Betty's attention to a guy standing near us and remarked."What a small cock he has" Betty then pointed. But look at that. Pointing to my huge erection. With a smile Jill said we can not really fuck him yet till its a little quieter. How about some hand relief ?. Betty suggested. OK. Jill smiling like a cat with the cream. We can walked to the edge of the beach its out of sight and will be ideal. I responded. What about walking around like this pointing to my erection. Oh the ladies will love it the guys envious. So move your arse.Was the joint reply. We reached the chosen spot. When Jill invited Betty. "Take him in hand". Betty started to wank me off but after a couple of minutes she went down on her knees and took me in her mouth. Jill was watching and fingering herself off. EVENTUALLY I shot my load into Betty's face. She then went over to Jill and they lay on the sand in the 69 position kissing each others pussy until they both cum. As I was watching I noticed a young girl possibly 18-19 years old she had not only been watching us but taking photos as well. She shot off sharpish when she realised I had seen her. I told the girls and they just said so what if someone wants to see us fuck so be it. Jill then mention Betty and I going to a gay strip club next Tuesday so you better be ready for one long fuck session when we get back. Apparently the nude dancers are very erotic so we must go and see them. Fine by me as long as i get to fuck you two. We left the beach at 4.00pm it was still busy.On arriving home Jill told me. No ordered me take Betty to bed and give a good long fuck. One of your best. We all got into bed and while I fuck Betty silly. Jill use her vibrator.We are now arranging a weeks holiday together at an adult nudist club. The information we received from the club mention the bedrooms are open fronted for voyeur viewing.I did mentiom the need for a large bed for three and was told it would be no problem. The girls are so looking forward being watched while we pleasure each other.Betty is a more alive and enjoying herself. She certainly likes cock and both enjoy girl to girl fucking, Both girl have asked if I will act as their slave while on holiday. Roll on the holiday.