Written by Lorraine & John

20 Feb 2006

In front of me stood this athletic man with the penis to end all penises. Susie was certainly correct when she had told me he was bigger then Bishop. I didn't know if I would be able to take it all but I was willing to try, just so that I could say that I had the possibly biggest cock in the world inside me. It was magnificent, I guess that some women would be frightened by its size & I dare say that some women wouldn't be able to take it. However here was one woman that was prepared to take it, all of it if she could. Bishop had over the years given me his well endowed cock & it seemed to me that he had been preparing my pussy to make it available for this giant of a cock.

He beckoned both Susie & I to come to him & offered his weapon for us to hold & feel, Susie had had previous experience of this cock & took hold of it first, neither of us could get our hands all the way around it & the length allowed for both us to be able to hold it with both hands.

Telling Susie that he had been inside her before on several ocassions he indicated that he was going to take the granny first, who, he was sure would be thrilled to get his weapon & have the fuck of her life. Little did he know that I had made up my mind that I was going to fuck him like I was a teenaged girl & have a good try at giving him the ride of his life.

Taking me to him he gently kissed my lips, sliding his tongue into my mouth & started to play his hands all over my body, he was making me start to feel very good, he had obviously had an expert older lady teach him what women want when he was a young boy. Pulling me closer to him I realised that the tip of his throbbing hard cock was between my tits, hell I was almost giving him a tit fuck. My breathing got heavier, as his did & at this he moved me to a small sofa, gently bending me over one of the padded arms, coming behind me he delicatly placed the tip of his cock againsy my now pulsating pussy & slowly started to rub it up & down between my pussy lips making me shudder & I could hear myself making little sexual moaning noises. My cunt was ready for it, he knew this & slowly started to introduce it into me. The girth of it opened me wider than anything other than childbirth had ever done before. It felt like nothing I had ever had before & I immediately knew that I was going to be able to take it all. My body was screaming out for it to go further into me, but he was expert, he knew that to rush such a cock into any woman had to be slow, to rush it would more than likely hurt or damage a person & he wanted to savour a good fuck, so slowly, slowly I felt it moving into me, sending feelings through me like never before. He really was going to give me the fuck of my life, but I was still determined to give him one as well. Slowly I started to grip my pussy around his cock & push back against him to let him know that I wanted more of it inside me. Gradually he worked it into me eventually going deeper than Bishop had even been inside me. The further it went the tighter my pussy gripped hold of it. Suddenly it was fully inside me, feeling so very wonderful, engulfing me, touching places that a cock had never been before. I felt so wonderful with this thing inside & I started to move in rythem with him as he started to thrust up into me, my pussy throbbing with the feelings he was giving me. I started to cause my pussy to release it's grip around his cock then grip it again continually doing this until I realised it was making him feel as good as he was making me feel. Then he started to thrust faster as he started to work up to his climax, so I started to work with him making me starting to reach my climax. Both of us started to really go into sexual thrusting, faster & faster as we both started to come. I started to scream out with sexual pleasure as my climax reached it's zenith, making noises like I'd never done before. He started to grunt & moan at the same time & I felt his seed fire deep inside me in copious amounts. This really had been a fuck of a lifetime & I had a feeling that I wanted this cock to impregnate me, to give me something that I would have, so that I could look at & remember the fuck that I'd had from him, but at 58 I was too olde to get filled up with a baby.

Slowly he withdrew from me leaving my pussy a void & empty. I got up from the sofa, turned towards him, wrapped myself around him, holding him to me & thanked him for something so wonderful. He thanked me & told me that I had been as good for him as he had been for me & for a granny I was as good a screw as he had ever had.

Now he turned to Susie & performed with her in exactly the same manner as he had with me. Riding her to a screaming orgasm which I also had as my hand was playing with my clitoris all the time while I watched him taking Susie.

The next 2 hours was spent with him fucking the pair of us in turn, in various positions. Each time he took me after that first time I went into an immediate multiple orgasm, in fact I was in a constant orgasmic start for the whole time. Like all good things it came to an end & we all got dressed, hugged & kissed each other. His parting words were to tell me that he wanted to have me again before I returned to UK, so I told him that my pussy was ready to take his wonderful cock any time. At this he left & we followed him out of the house. On the way home we discussed all that had taken place & Susie told me that she definately knew from my screaming that I had been fucked like never before. To which I replied she was correct, but there was nobody that could fuck me like her husband Bishop.

As a little aside Susie told me that he had fucked practically every woman on the Island & has had quite a few tourists. He catches women tourist in a similar way when they pick up young boys or for motoring offences, very few have paid a fine, most on seeing what he has between his legs go for that.