Written by Raysalaugh

11 Oct 2017

Kate and I relaxed in bed that Sunday lunchtime. Our friends had left and we had gone upstairs to work out what had happened and how. After her all night romp with Scott, she still wanted a little more and so we had made love. I had taken my time and enjoyed screwing her, sliding into her slippery and wet pussy. There was little else I could do as I was knackered from my all nighter with Ann.

"So if that door catch hadn't given way and caused Ann and I to fall back into their room all this probably would never have happened." I said to her. She agreed telling me that Scott told her later in the night that as it looked like I was taking Ann off to bed he was determined to fuck me before she could say no" As if I would" she went on, " I've fancied him for years, and I know you have had a thing for Ann, but neither of us would do anything about it in case it ruined our friendship. Once he started I was in two minds and should have told him to stop but he was so fast he was inside me before I could say anything."

"Well, it's too late now" I said to her " You have been fucked right royally by Scott and I have done the same to Ann, so what do we do now?" She looked at me with a smile. "Well, we both love each other but we can't pretend it never happened. I would quite like it to happen again and so would Ann because she told me before they left, so I guess it's up to you boys. " "That's going to be a racing certainty then isn't it" I replied. "Just as long as you are happy with the situation and we don't do anything behind the other's back I am happy to keep doing it every now and then.

Scott and I talked a fair bit about sex and what we liked when he wasn't actually screwing me. I didn't know how sexually inexperienced I was until last night and there are lots of things I want to try out. I pulled her to me and hugged her. !I have always loved you and so have always made love to you nice and gently. The last thing I was ever going to do was be rough with you and do anything that might hurt or upset you." She kissed me. "Perhaps you should now and then from now on. Scott did some amazing things to me and I loved all of it, so from now on we should push the boundaries every now and then."

"I'm sure you will have ways of letting me know when you want some raw sex" I said. Again she smiled "Easy, she said I will look you in the eye and tell you to come and fuck me. That should work for you. It certainly works for Scott." I laughed, "God you are a tart aren't you?" She smiled again. "I was last night and I loved it, and so did Scott. He suggested that if we ever do this again we should all four be in the same bed. He thought we might get off by watching us fuck the other's partner. He also asked if I would let him fuck me up the arse. I said we had never done that, but he could do me up the bum if he wanted to. He said no and that you should do me there first and that we should practice a bit until we were happy with it. He said if I was ready he would have my arse next time." I looked at her with a new light. "So my job is to open up your virgin arse to get you ready to be buggered by Scott is it. Kate looked worried that she had gone too far, but saw the twinkle in my eye and the smile on my face. She playfully slapped me "You bastard" she said "I thought you were angry. So you will do it then? I put on a mock cowboy accent " You bet your sweet ass I will ma'am" I said.

She went on "Scott said Ann likes it in the bum now and then and that she was quite submissive in bed and so you could fuck her arse anytime I liked. He also suggested you boys could DP Ann and me. He would take my arse and you fuck my cunt then you could fuck Ann's arse while he fucked her cunt. He asked me what I thought of that?" All this was getting me hard again. "What did you say to that" I asked her. She started to play with my cock "Well, I said that it would be good, but I wouldn't be completely fulfilled. He was surprised and asked why, so I said I like the idea of a cock on my pussy and another up my bum, but I would still need another cock to suck while we were doing it." I didn't expect that from her. "You are joking" I said. "Well yes and no" she replied " I said it as a joke at the time, but the idea of having a third couple join us is appealing, and of course you boys would have another cunt to fill. It's not all one way is it?"

"I think we should take it easy and maybe talk about it with Scott and Ann before we do anything about that" I said. "Lets keep that a fantasy for the time being. Anyway, finding a third couple we all trust will be difficult and will take time." Kate turned to me and raised herself on her elbow. "You might be surprised" she said "A couple of my girlfriends have been very complimentary about you and there are one or two of their husbands I wouldn't say no too. We will have to see what Ann and Scott say when we see them next." I laughed again "What you mean is the next time we have a fuck-fest like last night.

She swung her legs out of bed, stood up and shook her bum at me. "Talking about Ann and Scott, They will be home and out of bed again by now. Lets phone than and fix a weekend at their place in a few weeks.