Written by Graham and Corrine

9 May 2006

Corrine had invited her mother for the week. She is only four years older than me having had Corrine when she was 15.She had never married and Corrine had told me she had not had many men friends.

I collected Lucette from the station and got on with her immediately. We stopped for a coffee and chatted for some while. It turned out that Corrine was the result of a gang rape and she did not know who the father was. Since then she had been wary of sex and had never gone all the way. I suggested that perhaps she should. As we left the bar I put my arm round her and gently brushed her tit. She snuggled closer and pushed her tit into my hand. We got to the car and she suggested we found somewhere to continue getting to know each other.

I took her to the barn which we use from time to time and we lay down in the straw. I took her tit in my hand and kissed her gently. She reached up and undid the buttons of her blouse and let me see her tits nestled in a blue lace bra. This was a front fatener so I undid the clasp and pushed it aside. Her breasts where small and had lovely pinkish purple nipples. I kissed her neck and moved my lips to her nipples. She moaned and and twitched as I sucked harder.

She took my hand and slipped it up her skirt I felt her bush through her lacey pants. I massaged her mount and she shook with a climax. She removed my hand and said if we were to go further she would like to be in bed.

We went to my house and found that Corrine had left a note saying she would be back about 8pm and had booked a table at the restaurant for 9pm. This meant we had five hours to play with.

I took Lucette up to her room and left her to unpack. Ten minutes later she called me to come to her room. She was lying on the bed naked her nipples erect and her golden bush gleaming in the sunlight.

She said Corrine had told her I was a gentle lover and hoped I would treat her gently as this was almost her first time.I took off my clothes and lay on the bed with her.

I took her hand and placed it on my erect cock she began to stroke it gently. She said she had gone this far several times before and gradually increased her stroking until I shot my load over her stomach.She wiped us clean with a tissue and placed my hand on her mound.

I slid my finger into her slit and ran it up and down, my tongue was licking her nipple. I felt her clit which was longer than Corrine's and took it between my thumb and finger. Lucette squirmed with pleasure. I slid my finger into her hole and found it amazingly tight for a 45 year old. Put your cock in she murmured. I gently positioned its head in her entrance and pushed forward. She let out a moan and as I pushed in further it turned into a deep groan.

I pushed along her channel slowly and entered her warm firm

cave. Her muscles gripped and released my shaft as I lay there playing with her nipples. I began slow rythmic pushes into her. She responded by pushing back at me.

She suddenly arched her back, screamed and pulled me deep into her.

I shot my load, spray after spray into her. Her hot juices heating my pulsating cock.I left my cock inside until it subside and slipped from her sopping hole.We snuggled together and dozed for a while before repeating the act once more.

Lucette was so happy to have had sex after all these years she said we must do it regularly.

That night I told Corrine about her mother and she said she was so pleased. This morning Lucette came to our room with coffee and joined us in bed......