Written by oldmansslut

17 Aug 2006

ihad been driving for ages, couldn't wait to get home but desperate for the loo i stopped off in a quiet little pub. i nipped straight to the ladies before ordering a drink. as i walked i felt every pair of eyes in the place look at me dressed in a tiny denim skirt and knee length boots. I had been out on a date so did look rather sexy. i went to the loo, checked myself over and walked back out to the bar. the guy behind the bar was about 50, quite decent looking for his age and he asked me what i would like. i smiled at him thinking about what i would really like but instead simply ordered an ice cold coke.

there was a group of older guys at the bar who had been copping an eyeful of my legs and the barman winked at them as he handed me my drink. "that ones on the house sexy lady" i laughed and shyly looked down as i thanked him.

i went and found a table, the place was pretty empty bar the gang of pensioners. I sat where i could get a decent look at them all. My skirt left nothing to the imagination and underneath was the tiniest of lace g strings, i was aware that i had to keep pulling my skirt down so i didn't flash too much.

one of the guys got up and walked over to me asking if i fancied a game of pool. i thought what the hell why not, so i walked over to the table with him and watched as he set the balls up. He was a good player and each shot i took i had to lean over the table, so every now and again the guys would get an eyeful of my arse as i took my shot. At one particuarly difficult shot the guy whom i was playing pool with (john) came over and leaned behind me to show me what to do. i could feel his erect cock in my back as he guided my hands down the cue. i was instantly horny and hoping i might see some action tonight. i pushed back against him so he knew that i was interested and his hands went to my hips and grinded me tighter. i was still leaning over the table with a cue in my hand as his hands started wandering. They slide down my thighs and back up to the hem of my tiny skirt and then he stopped. take your shot he said, so i did but it was hopeless, i missed totally. Thats two shots for me now. one on the table and one in you, he laughed. i didn't say no, so he turned me round with my back to the table and his hands carried on touching me while he looked me in the eyes. They rode higher and higher till i could feel his fingers brush the soft lace of my panties, i let out a moan and closed my eyes. do you like that he said, yes i do i replied, i was getting wet at the thought of this guy touching me. He slid the lace to one side and his fingers found my wet pussy hole. he was gentle at first but got rougher as i grinded my body against his fingers. he forcefully pushed two fingers inside my cunt and used his thumb to rub on my already engorged clit. i was in heaven, my head was tilted back and my eyes were closed. I felt his other hand grab my breast and push them out of my tiny teeshirt, the whole pub could see us, and the men at the bar began to move closer, including the pub landlord that had served me my drink earlier.

John could see the pleasure on my face, so he knelt on the carpet and buried his face between my legs, i let out a loud moan as his tongue circled the outer lips of my wet cunt. he then opened them with his fingers and probed my hole with his tongue lapping up my pussy juices for all to see. I then felt someone elses fingers on my exposed tits, he was neading them pretty roughly but i was so turned on i didn't care now. i lay back on the pool table and enjoyed being played with by two old men, this was so horny, I heard the guys talking and laughing but i was in my own little erotic world. i needed to be fucked and i didn't care which one or how many were going to do it, i just needed my cunt filling with red hot spunk

John moved away from my pussy and before i had time to object someone else was busy tonguing me, john moved to the side of the table and i leaned over and grabbed his cock. i licked the tip then slid his whole length down my throat and gave him the sucking of his life. On the other side of the table one of the other guys had his cock out and was wanking and watching. i leaned over and with my spare hand i took over wanking him. johns cock was getting harder and harder and suddenly he shot a thick wad of hot cum down the back of my throat, mmm it tasted wonderful, i had it running down my face as there was so much of it, he leant over and kissed me tasting his own spunk as he did and said he would be back for more after someone else has had a turn. The next guy to slide his cock in my mouth was the old landlord, his cock was bigger and thicker and i struggled to accomodate him. my throat was hurting as he held my head and pounded his cock into my mouth. I was getting a fabulous cunt licking and i could feel my first orgasm of the night begin. i had fingers probing my pussy and another set playing with my arsehole, i shouted to the guys i needed to be fucked good and hard and who is going first? the guy that i had been wanking moved into pole position first and was gentle as he slid his 7 inch cock deep into my soaking wet hole. he started slow pulling out and teasing my clit with his cock then going back in nice and deep, i was groaning in delight. then his pace quickened and he was giving me a good hard fucking with long deep thrusts, just how i like it. i felt him tense as he was about to shoot and i used my inner muscles to grab him and milk that juice from his cock, he shouted as he cum and rammed his cock hard into me and held it there till the orgasm subsided. then he pulled out to let his friends have a go. All in all i got fucked by 6 men, all over 50. I sucked all their cocks and swallowed pints of gorgeous hot semen and had countless numbers of orgasms. The landlord asked me to stay behind after all the other men had gone so he could eat all the spunk out of my cunt. i was happy to oblige but that is another story. I adore older men and this is just one of my many experiences if you want to hear more then get in touch, or if you know of any good quiet country pubs for some fun in the cheshire area. The landlord lapped up my juicy cunt and all the cum that dribbled off it so if you want a piece of the action get in touch