Written by Heather

25 Feb 2007

I first wrote in here on 02/02/07. I finished by wondering if my Husband had cheated on me as I suspected. Well, he had! And even though I was now allowed to make up for it with my two student lovers Mark and Paul, Trevor decided he should make it up to me for the cheating!

Last week Trevor was going to America for a few days and took me with him. It meant a bit of a rush to get cover at the shop but I did it.

We landed at Dulles and Trevor had everything arranged. Shopping with Lorna, her job is to take people shopping! Nice work! A small party with the clients and after a special present for me!

After the little party Trevor took me up to the hotel room and said I had a surprise inside to make up for the two girls he had been with before I got Mark and Paul, and Trevor would be back in the morning. I gave him a puzzled look and he ushered me into the room, closing the door behind me. Inside were two strapping Latino men in posing pouches. I never got any names so I call them 1 and 2.

2 gestured me toward him and in a dream like state I walked over to him. He slid the straps of my evening gown from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor while 1 stepped up behind me and undid the bra, sliding that off too. I was slowly turned round and gently laid crossway's on the bed and 1 slid off my panties. He then lifted my feet to drag me round on to the bed properly and 2 opened a bottle of oil. Both of them took ages to cover me head to foot in the aromatic oil and it was so sensuous I nearly came off on this alone.

2 finished his handy work very near my crotch area and oh so gently began to lick me inside and out. He sucked and nibbled my clitoris almost making me come time and time again. I got so close at times that I nearly got angry when he let me down a little, but he so quickly had me going again that I had no time to complain. Meanwhile 1 would alternate between kissing me as I have never been kissed before, so warm and sexy it made my toes curl, and suckling my nipples, with a very similar effect.

I have no idea how long I was tortured like this but finally 2 moved away and 1 prepared to mount me in the good old missionary position. On his second stroke I had my first orgasm and nearly passed out it was so good. 1 kept going for ages, bringing me so close at times and not letting me come or giving me three or four orgasms very close together. I have no idea how long he took but I had my legs wrapped round him or on his shoulders or under his arms or god knows where and lost 2 altogether.

Eventually 1 brought me toward an orgasm saying, (The first words either had said) "I will fill you now as we come together!" It took a moment to realise he was planning to come inside me, I had to take a deep breath before I could tell him not to. He just said "I will fill you now!" I kept saying no,no,no, even after I had decided I did not care, I was dying to feel him unload a big stream in me and I was not disappointed. Again I nearly passed out with the intensity of my orgasm, I was in a dream state again as 2 began to clean me up with his tongue while keeping me in a state of near orgasm for ages.

When he was ready 2 rolled us over so I was above him and straddling him. He was inside me as if we were built to be joined to only each others sex organs. I rode him for what seemed like forever, at times he would pump hard and at others he would let me do the work, all the time I was so close to coming or was in the middle of doing so. This time when my lover was ready he said to me, "Now make me fill you!". I rode him as hard as I could and felt him shoot inside me just as I exploded myself. It was glorious. I took a long time to come down to earth and both 1 & 2 toweled me down and tucked me into bed like a little girl. I noticed the time by the bedside clock, I had arrived just after midnight, it was now a little after five a.m. I was asleep before they left.

Trevor woke me around ten with tea and a morning after pill asking if he was forgiven.

What do you think? I just don't think Mark and Paul will be the same now. I wonder if that was the idea?