Written by Dee

28 Aug 2006

I had been advertising on SH. I had been wearing lingerie and knickers etc most of my life. Loving the feel of the texture and the sexy feel of womens underwear.I got a reply from a guy in Leeds. He had a good 8 inch cock. Was able to accommodate. We made an appointment time, I had all my stuff in a bag. I went to his house, knocked on the door, he opened it up. He was good looking, going slightly bald, designer stubble. He told me to go upstairs and get ready. I was really nervous knowing most of my fantay encounters ended in me having a wank, but this was different, no going back now. I put on expensive black sparkly thong and matching bra, black suspender belt and red stockings. I felt so horny. I had a black dress to hide it all. I then called him up. I wasn't convincing as such but I had a black wig also.

I asked throatily what do you think, "you look gorgeous "he said. We moved close together, we sort of rubbed together, I could feel his cock getting hard. He was wearing shorts and a vest. I pulled down his shorts and his cock sprung up to attention, it was beautiful. I started to suck on it. He was moaning and thrusting it into my mouth. I was sat on the bed, legs apart feeling so horny in my dress, I could feel my own cock bursting out of my thong. He was now trying to deep throat me forcing it down my throat, he made me gag a couple of times. By now the excitement was too much,me dressed as a woman in sexy clothing giving a man a blow job. I just creamed in my thong I could feel my pants filling up with gallons of spunk. Oh!!!!! Ive just cum. All I was doing was blowing a cock. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and beat me over the face and head with it. "You naughty girl" he said. He made me go to the bathroom and clan up. Off I tottered in my high heels. Feeling like a real girly. I took my pants off and cleaned up. As i got back he was lubing a condom with KY Jelly. " This is going up your arse, slut!" This was what I wanted to hear. He made me kneel doggy fashion on the bed and came and rogered me rom the rear my black dress folded up over my arse. I got well fucked real good and hard. My own useless cock hanging limp whilst a real horny man was fucking me hard. I was really excited but my cock was limp.He was holding my hips and fucking me hard and giving my arse a good slap now and then. I just felt like those girls in the porno films. Just as desirable i hoped. He started to thrust deep into me as far as he could go. I'm gonna come soon he said. " Lie on your back." I did as asked. I knew where it was gonna go, as i had already requested I wanted a facefull.

I had just got in place when he started to spunk. It went all over my face, into my eyes,everywhere.He let his cock hover about my mouth, just brushing my lips,trying to poke it in.I licked the slit on his cock head, it was very salty and warm.He held my head and pushed the whole of the cock into my mouth and i sucked it until it went limp. He got up and said he was going for a shower and he went out. I couldn't get out of my dress as i was zippered up to the neck and had to totter in and ask my man to help me out of the dress. He wasn't too keen. I had obviously served my purpose and was now a nuisance to him, probably had a match lined up.

I felt like a proper woman