Written by Cuckold husband

20 Sep 2006

I have posted a number of true events here before detailing how my wife changed from a single-man woman to a slut and how I changed from a single-woman husband to a cuckold. We are a middle aged middle class couple living in the UK and have previously attended many clubs and house parties as our interst in swinging developed. We also visit European destinations to sitesee during the day and to swing at night. My wife has had many sex partners in the Uk but prefers the European swinger scene. She is not snobbish but does enjoy meeting similar professional class people, and in Europe swinging is very much a middle class lifestyle event. She likes to meet other couples socially as well as at parties and so meeting persons who are of a simialr background is important to creat the right ambiance. In this respect we have been more "successful" in Europe than the UK and our circle of swinger freins with whom we are in regular contaxt definately has a European bias. It also helps I speak French quite well, and although my wife has little French she certainly has had many French lovers. Sex is a universal language.

Briefly, my wife and I started soft swinging in a French club some years ago and I remember well, after two years of this type of activity ( men playing with her nipples, wanking her, watching her have sex with me, etc) she firmly stated she thought she would not go any further. At the time I was not particularly interested in fucking other women but did like the idea of men fucking my wife. I did not push the idea and she continued to let men play woth her nipples and pussy and even progressed to nutual wanking and sucking but only had penetration from my cock. We even did some dogging where she let men watch her wank and be fucked by me in the back of our car but she never let the men join in, even though I encouraged her.

My wife is a size 10/12, blonde with lovely large breasts and nipples that stand out and seem to be loved by men as they are always sucked when we are swinging, even in our early days.She gets wet quite easily and men have always been able to push several fingers in her cunt during our soft swinging era.

One night at a UK club we met a couple we had seen before and had an enjoyable time doing soft swinging - the two men sat side by side and the two wives sucked our cocks, each sucking both cocks in turn. This was a normal limit for us in the past. This night we were in the playroom, kissing and wanking each other when the lady I was with opened her legs and as I was wearing a condom, allowed me to penetrate her - she said afterwards it was the first full swap she had done. My wife and her husband saw what we were doing and they just did the same. So for both couples we had full sex for the first time. We sat in the hot tub afterwards and chatted about what we had just done and agreed to meet up again to do the same, which we have done ever since.

My wife allowed other men to penetrate her after that night and I fucked other women, only as a couple swap in clubs. We then startre to visit house parties and did couple swaps. I never questioned the progression but found that I enjoyed watching my wife with other men more htat fucking other women. At this time her main masturbation thought was being fucked by two men at th sme time.

I never said anything and this is the most valuable lesson for any man who wants to see his wife fucked - let her develop the taste for this type of sex at her own pace. It was another year before I enjoyed seeing my wife have a cock in her mouth and cunt at the same time - a club in France where this occurred. Even then we only had sex with other people when we were in the same room together.

For about two years we went to clubs nad parties and swapped partner, with my woife occasionally have sex with two or three men during the evening and sometimes two together.

The big breakthrough came when we attended a French party in a luxurious apartment where only champagne was drunk and my wife nejoyed sex with a number of man - even going with a man on her own to the playrooms in the partment, even thoug I was not present. This was the first time i really enjoyed being "excluded" from sex and watched her being undressed and fucked by a man, half her age, she had only just met at the party. After he came in her she was fucked by another man who had just fucked a women next to my wife. That night she fucked four men. She insisted we returned to the next party and at that one she was really sexy.

She was dressed in stockings, short black skirt, a top that covered her breasts but showed her cleavage and within ten minutes of arriving a man had separated us and was chatting to her (in English). Before I knew it she had gone to the bedroom with him and I watched in the background as they kissed and stripped each other, before getting down to cock and cunt sucking and fucking. That night I counted ten men who fucked her cunt and many more who sucked her tits or wanked her. This was the first night I had the pleasure of watching her on her back with a young cock up her cunt, one in her mouth and one in her hand - she was a real slut and I was more interested in wanking watching her than fucking the available and willing cunts in the room. I only fucked one woman that night but watched the women's husband fucking my wife more than the women I was fucking - I was a true cuckold. His cock was much better than mine and I revelled in watching my wife cum on his cock.

After that night my wife's wanking now is commonly composed of being fucked by three men at the same time and we have even bought a strap-on dildo which she fucks me with as I have become her cuckold and asked to be fucked by a large cock to experience what she is enjoying in her cunt. When she fucks me she related the large cocks she has had and how she wants more - she says her arse is the best hole for me as her cunt now has a liking for large cocks attached to young men, not a small one on a middle-aged man. I do fuck both her cunt and arse ( no other man has fucked her arse - she says this is reserved for smaller cocks and she never has sex with another man who has a smaller cock than me)but only to ewnsure she is regularly serviced between her ral fucks.

We do go to a club in Spain where there are single men ( she used to say she would only go to couples clubs) and I have had the great pleasure of being at the bar with her, chatting to a young man and then watching him fuck her. Later the same evening when we both at the bar she got restless and juxt said " I am going for a fuck" - this was the first time she had done this and left me at the bar while she chatted up single men who fucked her. I was loving the experience - my wife seeking men in front of me solely to have a fuck, igonring my presence. I loved seeing two very fit young men fuck her and make her suck them together.

I was called on the phone by a French man last wek - he had fucked my wife in Paris and was asking if he could visit the UK to do it again. I had a great wank listening to him on the phone telling me how had seen her at a party, fancied her and decided to fuck her. He said he slippe his hand up her skirt to find she had no knickers on and was wet. hearing a man tell you this about your wife is great if you are a cuckold. He said that they had done a 69 and asked me if my wife always sucked balls as well as cock because she gave his balls a real licking. He said he had fucked her on her back and she had asked him for more even after he had cum in her. I wanked all the time he talked about what he had done to her and told him when we would next be in France so he can meet her and fuck her in our hotel - I told my wife about the conversation and she agreed that she should meet him again as he was a "lovely man".

Next month we go to Brussels and I looked up the swinger clubs - my wife has chosen one that has a gangbang night no our first night and I am looking forward to taking her, seeing young men fuck her and then taking her back to the hotel.

By being patient and letting natural feelings take over our sex lives we have evolved from a soft swing couple to a couple where my wife enjoys gangbangs more that anything else and I enjoy watching more than joining in. We are very happily married and this will not change and we have now found at this stage of our lives that my greatest pleasure is waching and hers is being gangbanged. I am looking forward to three consecutive evenings of seeing young man fuck my wife, hopefully two or three at the same time as this is what she really wants. We used to look at parties and clubs only for couples nights, but we now avoid those and seek out clubs and parties where there are single men solely to satisfy my wife's current needs. She is already wanking regularly thinking about the new men she is going to meet in Belgium and especially on the Thursday evening which is "gangbang" night - the other two evenings are couples and singles, but I think Thursday is going to be the best.