Written by mark

6 Jul 2004

Further to my discovery that my wife Cathy had fucked a good friend of mine after a restaraunt meal (see Cathys surprise posted 9th January) I found myself strangely turned on, she continued to see him albiet on an irregular basis as he lives more than 150 miles away these days. Cathy was unaware that i knew anything about it.That is until earlier this year, when after a row I let it slip that i had witnessed their fucking. Cathy responded that it was because i had never satisfied her in bed and john had a much bigger cock and knew how to use it. Since then she has not allowed me to have sex with her, even telling me that I am useless in bed and calling my cock pathetic. She has admitted that John had also taken pictures of her and even used a video camera on one occasion.

She has told me that we will stay together for the kids sake but any form of sexual contact is off the agenda. I am now reduced to masturbating regularly, a fact that cathy has picked up on after discovering a sex mags i had hidden in the garage. She enjoys the fact that she is now in control and after some drinks at a recent barbeque told our best friends wife that I was useless in bed which they both had a good laugh at. Cathy has taken to wearing sexier clothes especially when she stays away on business, in Maidenhead which happens once every six weeks or so and has alluded that she is looking for another lover as John lives too far away.