Written by Ade & Di

7 Jan 2007

Diane last posted at New Year. Well, what a start to the New Year. Jerome arranged for Di to be "banged" on Friday 5th Jan in a hotel in London. "Meaty" was present as well as 4 other black bulls who were all at least 12'' long and heavy cummers.

It was arranged that I would book two hotel rooms in the same hotel (near Heathrow) and that we would check into one of the rooms. When we arrived in the early afternoon we relaxed and had a leaisurely drink whilst I ran a bath for Diane. Just as we were finishing our first glass there was a knock at the door and when I opened it there was a suitcase outside the door with Diane's name on it.

I bought the case into the room and laid it on the double bed. Di opened it and took out a letter which she read in silence occasionally laughing to herself. Once she had read the letter she looked at me and informed me that the letter contained the instructions for her forthcoming "blacking". I was to lay out the contents of the case on the bed and also read the letter whilst she had her bath.

Di went to the bathroom and I heard her climb into the bath. I opened the case and started to remove the contents. There was a pair of cuban heeled fully fashioned nylons and a pair of platform stilletto heels. Di is a tall woman standing 5'11'' and these would make her over 6 foot. There was a black PVC basque as well as PVC panties plus a PVC choker with the word "slut" in diamante on it. There was also black elbow gloves and a black PVC long length raincoat. There was also a selection of sex toys, black condoms, razors, some cheap perfume, as well as a turkey baster used for cooking and keeping the bird moist in the oven.More of this later!

I proceeded to read the letter. It said that Diane should take the bath, shave, and put on her make-up.She should then get me to help dress her in the contents provided but that I was not allowed to have any sexual contact with her. Once she was "dressed" to be "blacked" she was to tie me to the bed and put one of the black condoms on me. She was then to put the PVC raincoat on and go to the other room I had rented for her fun. She was to be there at 7.30 p.m. that evening - I think I made a mental note that she had about an hour to go at the time. Well, I was hard just looking at the contents of the case and reading the letter -also anticipating what was going to happen to Diane later.

Well, Diane emerged from the bathroom and fixed her hair and applied her makeup - immaculate as always. She then asked me to fasten the hooks to her basque and when she was happy she began to roll on her seamed stockings. Once she was sure I agreed the seams were straight she did up the suspender clips and then had me do up the straps on her stilletto platforms. She already looked a goddess standing roughly 6'3'' in her heels with just the basque, stockings and heels on and her naked shaven cunt looking oh so inviting. I was rock hard by now and my balls were fit to burst. She then put on the black PVC panties - these were slightly fuller than the normal thong panties you see but she looked absolutely amazing. Diane put on the gloves and had me do up the choker from behind for her. Wow, a PVC goddess about to leave her husband for an evening of "blacking" - you will never imagine how totally horny this was. At around 7.20 she told me that it was time to tie me to the bed. She used cable ties to tie me to the headboard by my arms so that they were straight above my head. She also laid the turkey baster on the stand by the bed and then put on the PVC raincoat. She then undid one of the black condoms and unrolled it down the length of my erect cock. I was totally unable to touch or stimulate myself and Diane had told me last week that Jerome and she were considering buying me a "cock-cage" which would make getting an erection whilst wearing it impossible.

Diane kissed me on the forehead and after one last lustful look she walked to the door - the PVC attire making a slight rustling/squeaky noise and she was gone. All that was left on in my room was the bedside lights, with no TV or radio and the lingering scent of her perfume and womanly arousal. All I had was my imagination - where had she gone, what was she doing, what was being done to her, was she in the throws of an orgasm right now, and how deeply was she being fucked and how much black sperm was being ejaculated into and over her. However, I also knew that it was not my imagination - it was actually happening as I thought.

After what seemed like hours I heard the key and the handle to the door opening. It was about 11.00 p.m. and Diane had been gone for over 3 hours. She slowly entered the room wearing the PVC raincoat that she had left in. It was open and I could see that she had on the PVC underwear that I had so dilligently helped her get dressed in. She was also carrying a small black holdall and had a wicked grin on her flushed face. She took a small black square object from the bag and then a portable DVD player. She pluged in the player and then opened the black case to take out a DVD - the recording of her being fucked this evening! She set it on play. She then removed the PVC raincoat and laid next to me on the bed. Her makeup was smudged and I could see dried and drying spunk on her eyelashes and around her mouth and the choker still round her neck. She gave me a long lingering kiss and I could smell she had "cockbreath".

She then laid about 8 condoms on the bedside table. She told me that these were not from tonight but the gang had decided that they would save them from the past couple of days either from their other girlfriends or by jacking off as an "added dimension" for Di to have fun with. Diane then slowly straddled me, wearing her PVC panties, and very slowly moved up the bed so that her PVC clad cunt was hovering above my face. She teased me and asked if I could smell all the black cum in her. There were small amounts that had run out and "leaked" from the sides and she made me lick this first. She was becoming increasingly aroused and pulled the panties to one side - leaving me looking at the most awsome gaping shaven cumfilled cunt I had ever seen. Di asked "do you like their handywork?" - I am not likely to feel you again after the fucking I have had tonight. She then lowered her cunt onto my face and came almost straight away - big globs of spunk running into my mouth and down the sides of my face. After about 10 minutes the flow had almost ceased. However, Di had other ideas and got up from sitting on my face and went to the side of the bed. She took the turkey baster and filled it using two or three of the used condoms. She then inserted the baster into her cunt and squeezed so that the contents disappeared up her. Keeping her legs tightly squeezed together she removed the PVC panties and then in one swift move she swung her legs onto the bed and mounted my face yet again. I was absolutely swamped in black sperm from the condoms. I almost gagged and Di then started to slide her shaven sloppy cunt all over my face and nose - cumming almost continuously. Still not fully satisfied, she repeated the process once again.

After what was about another hour Di finally untied me - I could still hear her moans on the DVD playing on the bedside from the blacking she had received earlier.

She lay on the bed in a really lewd manner - her sex on display all stretched and gaping and glistening in the soft light. "Well, go on "she said, "toss off into your condom". Well, I think I lasted precisely 30 seconds and filled the teat end of the condom with thick hot spunk. Di then said "good, lie on the bed face up" and repeated the trick with the Turkey baster from earlier...... I was now eating my own spunk from her cunt without even getting to fuck her.

Afterwards we kissed and Di wickedly said "I have one more surprise for you". She reached into the black holdall and produced something silvery. She showed me more closely and it was a stainless steel cock tube. She locked my cock into it and said that this should make sure that she gets a good nights sleep and that she would then be ready for Jerome when he knocks in the morning. This episode is another story and is best left to another time!

We would like to hear from other cuckold couples and also to assure everyone that for the majority of the time we live a perfectly normal lifestyle and do all the things that normal couples do. The cuckold lifestyle is something that we do roughly once a month and perversely it helps keep our relationship strong in and out of the bedroom.

Ade(cuck) and Di xxx