Written by Rhains humiliated husband

9 Oct 2006

Myself and my wife Rhian have been married 4 years and have been very happy, we're wealthy and successfull and have no worries to speak of. Rhian is 5' 4' with a sexy curvy body, large firm breasts and dark hair, and has a vivacious personality, she looks like Davina McCall. A couple of months back our sex life went off the boil,it was Rhian who had gone off it, but we where still very much in love and getting on very well, i thought she just needed time. Then certain signs started to show; coming home late, dressing very smartly for work, and she seemed to have a new confidence about her. Then the signs got more blatant, I found a pair of stockings on the bedroom floor one day when I knew she hadnt worn them for me and didnt usually wear them. As she was out at the time I examined them by putting my hand inside them, and there was the unmistakable stains of spunk all over the back of them. Every emotion ran through me, upset at her having an affair, humiliation that she wouldnt fuck me but was letting someone else come over her, but also the feeling and shame that I was aroused by the thought of it. I didnt challenge her on this, and hoped it would blow over, but it hasnt, and it seems now that Rhian knows I know, and the fact Ive done nothing and if anything been more attentive and loving, has led her to be more blatant, and take control of our situation. One symtom of this is she wont kiss me fully any more, she just teasingly pulls away after Ive kissed her lips, she always has an amused smile when she does this,as if she gets a kick out of denying me. The situation came to a head last thursday, she came home at 8 after a drink after work, she looked gorgeous in a red dress, black tights and boots, and although we havent made love for months, I had to chance my arm. I was shocked when she agreed to go to the bedroom, I slowly took off her dress, then as I went to take off her boots she ordered me to kiss them 1st, which I did while she looked as me with a amused look on her face. After I slipped off her tights and panties she said 'Sorry darling, I'm not going to be able to let you fuck me, i'm a bit too sore down there' I was speechless. She then said, as if it was the next best thing 'why dont you go down on me, it may be a bit messy though' This was unbelievable, she was confessing in so many words that she'd just been fucked so hard she was too sore for me, but also suggesting to me, her husband, that I lick out her pussy after her lover had used her. I'm ashamed to say, that as she looked at me with a smirk on her face, I lowered my head to her pussy and started licking, I could see the white stains and residue of her lovers spunk, but just had to keep licking it up, I felt such a mixture of emotion, total humiliation that my wife would do this to me, but also I hard never been so hard. I manged to make Rhain come like this, then tried mounting her as I was so desparate to come,but Rhian was having none of it. She told me to lie on my back, and then whispered in my year 'If you want to come from now on, you'll have to do it yourself. And if your lucky sometimes like tonight, you'll get to see me naked while you do it. No touching from now on though, there's a good boy. I couldnt believe she had said this, but I'm ashamed to say, I just wanked myself off while she sat there smirking at me, until I shot my spunk all over myself.

We didnt mention it after, but tonight she told me she would be late home as she is meeting 'a friend' She has just kissed me on the cheek and left, and i'm sitting here, ashamed, humiliated, but also very hard.

I'll let you know what happened later in the week.