Written by S

5 Apr 2006

This is a continuation of the cuckolding of amy's hubby John.

I have to say this, Amy is a great sexy girl who I respect and enjoy.This is HER fantasy which I made into reality.She is NOT a prostitute but wanted to "act" like one.

This is the second part of my adventures with Amy and her cuckold husband John

The Street Whore

John called me and asked me if I would take Amy out one night as she wanted to act out a fantasy. I said of course, what does she want to do.

Be a street whore for the night, get picked up and have full unprotected sex!

Well, what could I say…Yes!

I told John what Amy should wear, down to the last details and ordered him to dress her according to my wishes but NOT to touch her sexually in any way. This he did.

She was to wear a Black PVC dress, very tight fitting, black stockings and suspenders, no bra as here tits were large and would be pushed out by the tight dress, very high heels (FMS..Fuck Me Shoes!) red tarty lipstick with tight WHITE knickers that would show the cum stains, then he was to deliver amy to me at a local hotel carpark. He agreed to do as I ordered.

The following night I met them at the local Hilton hotel. I ordered them both out of the car and told John to kneel in front of me. I had also instructed John to wear female clothes. Short skirt, tan hold-ups bra and see thru top. He knelt in front of amy and I and looked at the ground. I told Amy how how much a slut she looked and described, for John’s humiliation, what the night would bring.While doing this I was fondling her breast ‘s and had two fingers up her wet cunt.

We then both laughed at John and told him how pathetic he looked and was. I also informed him at some point he would clean my cock with his mouth and clean me after I and other men had finished with his young wife.

We set off and headed for the part of town where the prostitutes hung out looking for business. On the way we stopped at a local service station for petrol. Amy got out and started to fill the car, she attracted a LOT of interest as it was still fairly early eveing, about 8-ish. I paid for the petrol and got a huge smile from the guy a the counter, plenty of “love to fuck that mate!” type comments. When set off but I pulled in just past the forecourt and told amy to get out. I stood her against the back of the car and started fingering her very wet cunt while truckers and other people watched and hooted!.It was then I noticed she had on BLACK KNICKERS NOT WHITE!

I told her to get back in the car, pulled in by the air and water and told her to take her glasses off, she did, I slapped her face hard. She didn’t flinch as I had caned her before across her bare arse. When I asked why she was wearing black, not white, knickers, she simply said “John dressed me” I slapped her hard again.With this she reached into her bag and pulled out a tiny pair of white knickers!!

I made her get out and change them in front of all the passing motorists nearly causing a few of them to crash.

Off we headed into town, we parked up at carpark well known for whores and waited. After a while I told any to get out and and stand like a prostitute against a wall, she did as she was told.Ten minutes later a car circled round her and stopped. Amy walked over to the drivers side and leant in, the man started to play with her tits while talking to her. She nodded and got into his car and went round a corner, I had already instructed her where to go. I remained where I was, close enough to rescue her but far enough away not to spoil the fun!

After a while the both came back, the man opened the car door and she got out, he drove off quickly. Her dress was pulled up slight showing her stocking tops and just visible her tiny white knickers. She got into my car and looked flushed

“Well?” I said

“How much?” he said

“You can fuck me bareback for free!” the whore said

He couldn’t wait. He took her round the corner, leant her up against a wall, pulled her knickers down and rammed his cock up her, firing his spunk up her love hole!!

“Open your legs” I ordered. She did, there was cum inside her, dripping down herlegs and covering her knickers. I slapped her face hard

“What’s that for?” she said. I slapped her face again, my cock was ROCK HARD!

“Don’t ever answer me back!” I said. She wimpered she was sorry. We drove off.

I pulled into a small layby, told amy to get out and fucked her across the bonnet while an old guy played with her tits.

Much much more happened that nite, including any getting spanked hard and caned, gangbanged and lots of horny sex