Written by Mark

2 Jun 2005

After being inundated with timewasters and dreamers from my advert in the site, i thought that i'de share a recent encounter to prove that there are some genuine folks out there.

He contacted me after they had read my advert, explained that they both wanted to try involving another, but that he wished to be cuckold - right up my street! I arrived at the door of the hotel room, knocked three times and entered. She and he were arranged just as i had instructed; he sat naked on the chair in the corner and she kneeling in the middle or the room. She wore an ivory white set of bra and knickers and a blindfold.

Entering the room and standing before her, i could tell that she was nervous. Her face was flushed, goose pimples across the top of her tit flesh and continually dragging the tip of her tongue across her lips. She looked beautiful and i could already feel my cock straining against it's confinement.

After quickly stripping naked, i then stood before him and slowly began to wank myself whilst deliberately pointing my cock at his face. Enjoying his discomforture and knowing that i nhad demanded that he not relieve himself in any way whilst i was in attendance. After a few minutes, i bent forward and whispered in his ear "I'm going to fuck your wife deep and hard. She'll cum for me and then i'll pump my cum deep inside her. Watch and squirm." The reaction on his face was superb and immediately got me harder.

Approaching before her and then guiding her by her head, i arranged her so that she was at the perfect level for my pulsing cock and also gave her husband an unobstructed view. Gently drawing her forward, i dragged the tip of my cock across her lips. After a few times, she quickly got into rythm and lunged forward to swallow my length into her warm moist mouth. The sensation of her mouth enclosed around my dick and her tongue swirling around was so damn good. She really knew how to suck cock! Withdrawing slightly after some time, she began to work on the rifge with her teeth. Rolling my cock across her teeth then slowly swallowing deep to press her throat muscles around the purple head drove me mad and before long i could feel the tingling at the base of my balls that always signalled my cum. Taking hold of her head, i withdrew until only my pulsing cock head was in her mouth before spurting my first load of the evening into her expectant mouth. To her credit, she didn't miss a drop.

Leading her to the bed, i turned her onto her back and lowered her down. Proping her arse under a few pillows and spreading her thighs wide and open for his viewing. Kneeling before the bed edge and watching her pussy closely, i could see how wet she was. Her moist pussy lips gaping slightly and the musky smell of her juices. I deliberately held my mouth above her pussy and panted hard onto her sensitive folds, knowing that my heavy breadth would make her tingle. After a few seconds, lowering my tongue down and working the tip between her folds, parting her wider burrying my tongue deeper but working up her slit towards her pelvix bone. Rolling my tongue across her pelvic bone and finding her raised clit, i began to rythmically circle it with only the tip; again and again circling whilst feeling how it raised and became more defined. Once fully raised like a little prick, mashing the full force of my tongue down and running the full length down and across the clit whilst pressing it against her unyielding pelvic bone.

Whilst continuing the treatment of her clit, i forced two fingers below and between her slick lips before spreading her wide and open. Deliberately keeping her fully open and driving the fingers deep into her. She was so tight and wet. I turned the fingers until the tips were working in behind her pelvic bone and in behind to her g-spot. Working in time to my tonging of her clit, finger fucking her deep and hard and tasting her slick juices....it wasn't long before her thighs where pressed around either side of my head and she was panting that she was about to cum. There's no sweater taste than a woman's cum juice as it washes across my face.

Drawing her up and leading her towards her husband, i lowered her into a position in which she was on all 4's but her face was directly before his lap. Approaching her exposed rear, i drove my cock deep into her tight hole. Deliberately driving deep and hard in order to get the maximum reaction on her face, i began to fuck. Watching his facial expressions and how he squirmed with every thrust, reaching forwards to maul her swinging tits before rising to slap her flanks. Watching his face as he realised that i was pumping my seed deep into his beloved was great and helped me to stay hard and fuck through that one till i came again. Once she and i were satisfied and fucked each other sore, i took her silk knickers, gently cleaned my spunk and her puss juice from her thighs and lips before then approaching him and draping them across his face.

My leaving impression was her spread eagle on the bed and playing with her clit and him licking my cum from her knickers