Written by snotmonsterUK

25 Jul 2006

Hey all, i actively bull around the London area and found this site by chance. I enjoyed reading others adventures so though it only polite to post one of my own.

Vanessa had sent a picture during our e-mail correspondence that showed her fantastic rear to great effect and she seemed sure of her desire to cuckold her weak husband. So I was somewhat surprised by the woman who stood before me; short, demure and nervous. She was dressed in a plain black skirt, a large roller-neck jumper, and straight shoulder length brown hair and plain glasses. Stepping back into the hallway she guided me into her home. Her husband, Mike sat on the sofa. A plain looking man of average height and build. If I considered her nervous then he was definitely jumpy.

Realising that she would require a firm hand, I deliberately stood in the middle of the room, before the cuckold and beckoned her to me. As she approached, I took her in my arms and began to savour her sent and taste as I kissed first her mouth and then her neck. She attempted to withdraw at first but soon relented when she realised that I wasn’t about to let her go and her husband hadn’t reacted. I could watch him squirm on the seat whilst I kissed and nuzzled her neck and reached under her jumper to stroke her stomach and sides.

Stepping back and looking down into her expectant face I commanded her to undress. As she raised the jumper over her head, I realised how she had hidden how truly beautiful she was. A slim and lithe waste was revealed then a pair of large plump breasts that were barely contained by her bra. As more clothing was removed, she revealed a body that was slim, athletic and blemish free. However it was her breasts that had attracted most of my attention. As she reached behind and unclasped the bra, it fell free to reveal large plump breasts with huge nipples that seemed well out of proportion for her slight frame.

I looked behind her to see her worthless husband pulling at his stubby knob before bending down to draw one of her nipples into my mouth. Inhaling the nipple before gently kissing around the nipple and then rolling it across my teeth. She responded immediately by pressing her erect nipple harder into my mouth. Reaching down with my free hand to delve down between her thighs. She surprised me by just how wet she was; my finger tips soon found her hot slick juices that had spread down across her inner thighs. As she opened her stance wider, my fingertips were soon running the length of her slick lips. I continued to tease her by gently running the length of her pussy folds then pressing just one finger beyond her opening before slowly withdrawing and beginning again. I knew that her first orgasm wasn’t far of when she began literally driving her nipple in to my mouth and desperately tried to drop her wet pussy down onto my fingers. She went nuts as I bit down hard onto her breast meat and drove two fingers beyond her folds and deep into her tight hole, pumping deep and hard as I felt her inner pussy muscles clasp around my fingers and draw me deeper as she came. As she squirted down across my hand I released her breast from my mouth to watch her husband’s reaction. I noticed how he’d long since wanked himself dry and covered his lap in wasted cum.

I decided that she was ready to fuck before him. Leading her over to the dining table, I helped her up onto her back and spread her thighs wide. She lay there completely exposed; her pussy lips glistening with pussy juice, parted open and tempting me to mount her. Quickly stripping and approaching her, I stood between her thighs and quickly drove my stiff cock deep inside her. Thrusting in deep and savage to shock her. She tried to draw me deeper by wrapping her thighs around me but I withdraw after only a few dozen thrusts and backed away. Turning to him I asked “can you see how your wife sluts for me, can you see how she begs me to fuck her and pump my seed into her womb?” The pathetic fuck reacted by again pulling at his stump.

Getting down onto my knees, I lent forwards to smell her scent before deliberately breathing hard onto her parted pussy. She began to squirm and raise herself onto my mouth as she felt my hot breadth wash across her sensitive folds. Lowering still further I began to tentatively work the tip of my tongue between her lips, slowly and lightly teasing as I darted into her without a rhythm or pattern. By now she was squirting more and more juice and my face was covered. As I deliberately sought above her tunnel, I exposed her clit as she began to buck. Working the tip of the tongue and flicking it against the raised clit and feeling each tongue strike ripple through her body. I then began to lap at her clit by dragging the length of my tongue against her clit, trapping it between my tongue and her hard pelvic bone. Whilst she bucked and ground herself against my mouth I drove first one and then two fingers deep inside her, pumping deep into her in long slow strokes and in time with my tongue. Starting slowly and building in pace and depth, driving deeper and harder into her as my tongue ground her clit relentlessly before she gave one last huge shudder and her cum juice washed across my face.

I stood before her as she lay sprawled across the table. A pool of her juice and my saliva forming from her sodden pussy lips and onto the table. She raised her head to see how her husband hadn’t moved before watching my stiff cock twitch before saying “now, fuck me and show the wimp how you can satisfy me. I want to feel you inside me.” Again approaching between her thighs, I surprised her by turning her over onto her front and drawing her back to me. I glanced behind and commanded the cuck to get back behind the table and hold her hands as I fucked her. He scurried around so that he held her hands and looked into her face as I parted her wider and drove myself deep and hard into her. Now wasn’t the time for being gently. Being able to look into his face and experience his reaction as he watch the pleasure wash across her face just egged me on more. I was soon fully embedded in her and strove to give her the most thorough fuck she’d ever had. It seemed like ages before her muscles clamped down hard in climax and sent me off. I collapsed down across her back and whispered into her ear, asking her to describe to him how my cock felt in her.

As I held her tight with my cock in her and my cum draining into her greedy hole I listened to her describe how good I felt and how he’d never be able to match this. Her husky voice and graphic descriptions just got better and I soon felt bloody rushing back into my cock and keeping my stiff. I withdraw to watch my milky white cum run from her hole. I went back to the pile of clothing to fetch her knickers and returned with them to mop our combined cum from her sodden pussy and table top. Once the flimsy gusset was dripping in the juices, I tossed them across back to drop before him. I commanded that he smell and taste them. As he did so, I reached a finger into her pussy and swirled it around before withdrawing and coating the slick juices around her puckered arse hole. She obviously hadn’t had anal much because she began to fidget and squirm as I lowered myself and pressed the swollen head of my cock against her tight hole. She gasped and bucked as I grabbed her bum cheeks and spread them wide as I thrust down. Her hole reluctantly released to allow me to press my bulbous cock head beyond her tight muscles. Closing in around the head to grip my shaft tightly and I was held firmly in place. I gave her a few seconds to prepare herself before slowly and deliberately forcing every millimetre of my stiff and engorged cock deep into her incredibly tight hole. As I did so, she began to whimper and desperately reached out to grasp her husband’s hands. This just encouraged me more and soon I had built a slow rhythm which soon had her pressing back against each thrust just as I was fully embedded.

God but she was a great anal fuck and I desperately held onto my cum for a long as possible before finally jetting a long string of hot sticky seed within her. As I did so, I gripped her shoulders and drove deep within her before grinding her against my pelvis and biting down upon her back. She later told me that this gave her the strongest climax of the night.

As I finally dressed and prepared to leave, Vanessa lay back upon the sofa and was busy demanding her wimp to soothe her well fucked holes with his tongue. She’s since withdrawn all fucking privileges from him and I meet her perhaps once a week to satisfy her needs. I’m currently building her up to her first gangbang which I’m sure she’ll take in her stride.