Written by BK inSpain

22 Sep 2006

I have known Tom all his life, he and his two sisters Janet and Pat lived opposite and we all went to the same school, Tom was a sickly child and was always ill with something, my dad was the local copper and I had the job of looking after Tom from bullying, I was always strong and joined the Para's and later special forces, I loved the action and was into no holds barred fighting, as life does we all went our separate ways, I was Janets first lover and she never commited herself to anyone, she asked me to marry her but my army commitments meant I was away too long, Pat married an older local businessman whilst Tom was rushed into marriage by a local slut called Debbie who took his virginity, she wanted a man to provide for her and love was not in it, it was less than two years of marriage when Debbie was well back in the Black clubs scene and was the regular sex for two black guys there, by this time was coming to the end of my Army career, once home I was visited by Janet and Pat and they were really upset what Tom was going through with Debbie, he was being belittled by Debbies two black guys, who called him cucky and made his life miserable, Debbie loved all this making him clean cocks and cum up with his tongue,and clean the house naked whilst they canned him whenever he stopped or when they felt like it, sometimes he was tied up in the garage and they beat him up and pissed over him,Debbie joining in with relish, loving what they were doing.

I decided as Tom had not visited I would go around and see him, there was no answer at the front door but the garage side door was open, when I looked in I found Tom on the floor tied up and in a bad way, I untied him and gave him some water which he gulped down, I phoned one of my contacts, watch for part two of Cuckolds revenge