Written by BK inSpain

22 Sep 2006

I went with Tom to the hospital as he was very upset, worrying what Debbie and her two guys would do to him when they found out,. I said leave them to me, apparently Tom had laid tied up on the garage floor for two days, beaten up and not visited by Debbie or the two guys, I went storming around the club and found another of Debbies slut mates who told me that Debbie and her two fellows had gone off to the Caribean for a months holiday as she had come across Toms secret cash box, so they had left Tom to get free or die, this made me mad as everyone knew Tom was weak.

I sat down with Pat her husband and Janet, and found Pat actually owned Tom and Debbies home, Tom paying just a small rent, this gave me an idea, we went around to Toms place and cleared it out putting Debbies stuff in black bags, and anything not saleable in a skip, all the furniture we sold to the second hand man Debbies stuff we put in the Storage company lock up, Pat put the place up for sale at a cheaper price and an Asian Family was around within hours of advertising, paying cash so no problems, Pat said you must move in and change the locks, telling them about Debbie, who was left with a lock up key and a letter saying she was evicted. Janet took Tom over to Spain to recover in her villa, Debbie was around Pats house as soon as she got back, her two guys making threats, which I laughed at and offered to take them on, but they knew of my reputation and backed off, Tom managed to get a quickie divorce with Debbie settling for £4000 and the car which was nearly new, I heard that her two guys had the cash off her as soon as the cheque was cashed and took her car as well, what about Tom, well Tom lives in a bedsit attached to Pats Villa (Pat lost her husband soon after moving to Spain)Janet and I live together and I service Pat twice a week during Siesta time, Tom gets to play with my cock and has a regular fuck every week, he also gets in the shower with me after I have had Pat so often gets an extra fuck, see cuckolds revenge part three