Written by Da_Putzler

10 Nov 2017

Curious Comparison

My wife and I were having a quiet night in with a friend who decided to visit and chill with us, we were chatting away about all-sorts and listening to a chillout cd in the background when the topic of abs came up and our friend was showing off his almost-6-pack.

My wife was definately impressed as she enjoys a good looking body like most people, then she asked me to stand up and compare my non-existent 6-pack with his. I did so and although it didnt look anything like his, she continued to prod and rub our stomachs, feeling what muscles she could.

Our friend is indeed a handsome guy who does look after himself, eats healthy and enjoys a good workout at the gym every now and again, where as myself, I watch what I eat and feel good about myself. My wife is a small asian with such a tight body and good looks, so-much-so that guys are always hitting on her whenever we go clubbing.

After a while of rubbing our stomachs and kinda feeling like a pet, she wanted to compare our torso's as well so she asked us real nice to take off our shirts. The pissing contest was afoot and not wanting to be outdone I removed my shirt and posed for my gal. Our friend did the same and again showed me up with a toned upper torso. hmph!

My wife was amazed and again started feeling parts of our bodies. His body was shaved and very smooth so he got plenty of attention, her tiny hands rubbing over his chest, squeezing his pecks for fun and making her way around to his ass. She squeezed his cheeks, then squeezed mine and finally asked us to take off our trousers next. Shyly we did and stood there in our underwear.

boxer shorts versus Y-fonts... the eternal question. He did look good in a pair of Y's and his toned bod could definately have been on the cover of a men's magazine. My wife seemed in a trance and as I looked further she couldnt help but stare straight at his crotch. Oh yes, he had a hard-on, and on seeing this little asian on her knees in front of two almost naked guys, so did I.

She reached up and stroked him underneath his Y's and I swear it twitched, then she looked over and did the same to mine. Now she was curious and something I've always noticed about my lovely wife is that when she's hooked on something, she follows it through. She grasped at his pants and pulled them to the floor.

It was almost like a look of shock on her face, being presented with something so big. I swear it was a monster, sitting somewhere between 8 and 10 inches and real thick. She couldnt help herself and started to fondle this mammoth of a cock right in front of me, which to be fair, made me a tad jealous and all the more excited.

After a few minutes of close inspection she managed to notice me again and yanked my own boxers to the floor. Not at big and sitting at a good 7 inches she stroked my own cock and smiled as she held both of our manhood in her tiny hands. She slowly pulled them together and made us stand side-by-side, almost touching as she played with our cocks and measured them with her eyes.

Now thankfully I'm not the kind of guy to feel imasculated by this and let her do her thing while my friend and I smiled at each other and rolled our eyes. It was definately a funny situation at best as we decided to aloow her to play out her curiosity. Suddenly a surprised look on his face as we both looked down to see her warm lips wrapped around his cock and sliding it slowly inside her mouth.

Curiosity had hit a brand new level as my wife cupped her hand around his balls and sucked on his cock slowly . The other hand reached around as she rubbed his ass cheek and pulled him forward slightly, taking more and more cock into her tiny mouth and sucking on it eagerly. We stood there amazed as his eyes closed tight and gasped slightly.

A few minutes of slurping passed as she grasped over and pulled my own cock beside her face, then wrapping her lips around my own cock and sliding back and forth as I found myself gasping in pleasure. Her mouth felt so nice, so wet and warm, wrapped around my cock and sucking so eagerly as if she was tasting me and comparing it to our friend. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in, sliding her hands around my ass and back as she did.

This was so nice, I was literally on the verge of cumming when she stopped and this time ordered us to lay down on the floor side by side. Everything up till now felt good, so we lay down while she rubbed Pj into our cocks and wanked each of us slowly. Eventually she stood up and removed her panties from underneath her summer dress and straddled our friend, positioning his cock and sliding it into her wet pussy. She moaned as she sat back and let his huge cock fill her pussy.

She placed both her hands on his chest as if to brace herself and rocked her pelvis back and forth, slow to begin with then faster as time went by. She was riding him hard and putting his huge cock to good use, filling her up deeply as I watched her wet lips grasp him tight as she moaned louder and louder.

Both were moaning so loudly now that the living room echoed with sexual sounds and the smell of pleasure. His face was gasping with excitement and just when it looked like he was about to cum... she stopped and sat there on top of him, so still and breathing so hard. She dismounted and smiled before she took hold of my own still-hard cock and straddled me, finding it's way inside her as she leaned back and started her fun with me.

She was so wet down there as her lips grasped my cock and slid up and down it's length. She was so warm and already excited that she continued to ride me full speed, so it wasnt long before the urge to cum had already filled me and I was trying to hold back and make it last as long as I could. Our friend was watching eagerly, entranced by our sex and sound as my wife removed her dress and sat straddling me naked. My wife's pert boobs swaying back and forth with her and her long hair rolling down her already glistening back.

Her body felt so nice next to mine as she started to grind her pelvis closer to my own. Our friend leant over and ran his hand over her chest, slowly massaging her boobs one by one before leaning closer and kissing her softly on the lips. It was such a sensual kiss as he caressed her and held her close while she rode me.

They kissed more and more passionately as the build up in my was almost there, my wife moaning into his open mouth and hands wandering all over her soft body. I felt his fingertips brush my cock as it slid over her pussy and started playing with her. She moaned louder and a shudder came over her body as she came hard, pushing down so much that I lost it and came deep inside her.

She slid back and forth in the arms of another as my cum filled her up and her pussy became to wet, then she slowed, rocking gently as my own hands began to hold her warmth. She dismounted and rolled onto the floor, her wet back pressed against the carpet as our friend positoined himself on top of her this time. Her legs spread wide and his excited cock so eager to slide inside and finish what they had started.

He parted her lips with his manhood and slid inside her wet glistening pussy and started rocking to a beat, this time while I watched and listened to the moans building from both. Her legs found his back as they wrapped around him, as did her arms and pulled him in deeper still. The sensual kisses, the moaning, the sexual excitement again filled the air as I watched on and went hard once more.

He pounded harder and harder as their lips locked and tasted one another so deeply. From the sounds they were both reaching climax and I knew this was going to be big. The wet sounds increased since both were so horny and excited, limbs wrapped around each other and finally, an almighty moan from both as she orgasmed and he came inside. Both bucking hard and a literal spray of juices erupted from inside her. Wow, that a sight to behold.

The rocking slowed and my wife and friend lay there tired and out of breath. Each spent and covered in one anothers fluids. The smell of the air I'll never forget, of sex and hormones, excitement and lust. It was an amazing evening as my friend rolled over and we all lay there on the floor breathing, hands fondling, gentle kisses exchanged and eventually sharing a shower and exploring once again my wifes curiosity.