Written by Katy

24 Jun 2006

I had an affair with a man at work, my husband found out, and was going to leave me, I begged him not to go because even though I had been unfaithful to him I still love him so much, it was just lust, with my work colluege, he eventually agreed to stay, provided I agreed to wear a cy belt when he was not with me, I of course agreed, not knowing just how big and combersome the damn thing was.

He sent away for it on the net, it arrived he fitted it on me and locked it in place with five padlocks, he pocketed all the keys, it went round my waist, with a two inch wide belt, there were two more straps not quite so wide around my legs, with a wide leather strap between my legs, it was made from heavy black leather, now most of my clothes are hipster style, and it showed several inches above my skirt or trousers, my pants are all tight, jeans, trousers and crop leg pants, it showed through them like I had nothing on, other than this monsterous thing strapped to my body, I couldn't even go to the loo properly with it on.

The first day at work my man friend asked me why I was wering a jumper as it was hot, I had put on the longest baggiest top I had to hide it, but it got so hot that I had to take it off, my top rode up during the afternoon showing the thick black belt round my waist, he asked what it was, I told hin he didn't want to know, but he did, eventually I told him the whole story, of how my husband found out about our little fling and this was the only way he would stay with me, he wanted to see the thing and begged me to show him, it was quiet during the late afternoon and he got me in the stock room, the site of our lovemaking, and persuaded me to show him the thing, he though it looked sexy, but I told him it didn't feel sexy, he fondled as much as he could reach, but nowere near my sexy bits, they were very much covered in thick black leather, but that didn't stop him stroking my tits and every thing else he could get his hands on, he even managed to make me come.

A few weeks later my husband gave me a love egg, one of the remote wireless ones, he told me to insert it, so I did as he told me, he then made me put the cy belt back on, padlocking it in place, he turned the egg on and it was like an electric shock, it sent shivers right through my body, we went out that night me still strapped and locked in the belt with the egg still embedded in my cunt, during the evening he turned it on several times especailly when he work mate was close to me, making me want him so much, but knowing I could never have his big hard cock in me again, I was so worked up by the time we got home I begged him to take the thing off and fuck me, he made me wait till the next morning, before he released me from it and gave me what I wanted.

There is an upside to this story, I have never liked sucking cock, but have gotten the taste for, because it's the only way I can feel that big cock in me, and he has found ways of thrilling me we never thought possible, the only thing we can't do is actually fuck but, with so much sex available without actual penetration it's not so bad, All the people at work know I'm wearing the thing, because it's impossible to hide it when the weather is so hot, most of them feel sorry for me but one or two think it serves me right, what do you think?