Written by johnnybgoode

20 Aug 2006

I had finished work early and headed home. My wife was at work and not due home until much later.

Feeling horny I logged onto a chat line and was enjoying a chat with a guy from Manchester.

I have been bisexual since my schooldays and I often enjoyed some horny chat cyber or Phone with guys or gals.

Things were warming up with John in the chat room and we were both very horny

He asked if I would like to phone him and enjoy a wank together.

I was particularly horny and although I had only done phone twice before I was ready for some fun and was ready to cum.

I phoned him and we were exchanging fantasies about our wives and what we would do if we were together. It was very horny and I was ready to cum but wanted it to last a little longer.

I was sat on the chair by my pc with my shorts at my ankles, rubbing my cock when I was aware someone was looking through the door.

I covered up, as best I could, dreading the thought that my wife had caught me.

The door opened and in walked my brother in law, (wife’s brother ) who used to live with us but had got married 2 years ago and lived with his wife a couple of miles away.

He is 20 years younger than me and truthfully I have always fancied him but never dared to try anything.

H e said he had heard what was going on and thought it was “cool” (using his word)

Needless to say my cock had shrunk, but, when he said that, it started to rise again.

He said that he never would have thought I would be into guys , but went on to say he didn’t have a problem with it.

I was shaking with nerves and a little disbelief. What was coming next, was he going to tell my mrs or what .

He asked if I had ever done it with a guy and I told him I had, but begged him not to tell.

He then admitted to several similar incidents himself.

My head was spinning but all I could think of, was doing it with him.

H e walked over and undid his shorts and asked if I wanted to finish what I had started.

I didn’t need asking twice, before we had hold of each others hard cocks

and were wanking each other slowly.

I was dripping precum and he looked at my cock and said that it would be a shame to waste that. He then went on his knees and began to suck my now stiff cock.

After a while he stopped I think he knew he was bringing me very close

He asked if I would return the favour, I had his cock in my mouth in a flash

I wanted him to cum in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth . I felt his hands around the back of my head and I knew he was ready to cum . I took his shaft in my hand and sucked the end of his cock knowing he couldn’t stop now. I felt his cum hit the back of my throat and I gagged a little, he pulled out and wanked the rest of his load onto my face

He then got down and sucked me till I was spent.

We were both a little embarrassed after we finished, but, we agreed to keep it our secret.

We get together every now and again for more fun. Its difficult when the wives are about

especially as he shared with me that he would like someone to fuck his Mrs while he watched. Although she is very sexy I have yet to fulfil that fantasy, but the does tell me

a lot about her when we have fun . He even rang me to meet him the other night after he had just fucked her so I could taste her on his cock.

There is more to follow …..watch this space.