Written by Gordon

2 Aug 2005

It was supposed to be a lads stag weekend in Prague,but as I left the aircraft I slipped twisting my ankle.Instead of going to our hotel I spent the next three hours in A&E being x-rayed,strapped,and filling out forms.When I finally got to the hotel,my mates had booked in,changed,and gone out on their pre-arranged razzle,or thats what the note one of the two receptionists,Raskia,handed to me read.I said it looks like I`m in for a long lonely night.She smiled a sympathetic smile and offered to show me to my room.In my room she helped me unpack while I rested my ankle on the double bed.Before she left she said she was going off duty in twenty minutes and was there anything she could get me before then.I asked if she could rustle up some food and beer as I hadn`t eaten for ages.Raskia said she would go to the kitchens and ask the chefs to arrange something.

About half an hour later there was a knock at my door and Raskia entered using her pass key with a trolly of food and drink.There was more than enough for two so I asked her as she was off duty would she like to share it with me and keep me company.She said ok but only for a little while as the management didn`t like staff to fraternize in the guests rooms.As we ate I said she had better show me how the TV worked as after she left it looked like a nights watching was all that was left for me.As she flick the remote she came across a porn channel and asked if I watched this sort of thing at home,before I could answer she added that she loved it,she found it such a turn on.I could see she was getting very excited as she watched the couple on the screen and caught her rubbing her hand across her groin and fidgeting nervously on the edge of the bed.The more I watched the more she seemed to be turned on,her hand by now had disappeared between her thighs and she was frigging herself.I found this very arrousing and soon my cock was straining in my pants forcing me to unzip and release it from its confine.I was breathing heavy when Raskia turned and saw me.She looked for a while the stood up,took off her skirt and panties,scrambled onto the bed she straddled me and impailed herself on my cock.She said we would have to be quick in case anyone came along to check on us.She undid her blouse and pulled up her bra to allow me to fondle her tits,then she rod up and down until she came and collapsed on top of me.I was still hard inside her when she came round,quickly she got off and turned around lowering her cunt to my face while taking me into her mouth.She ground her cunt against my open mouth filling my mouth with her juices as she expertly sucked me off to completion.She let out a long sigh as she swallowed my load.Although I pleaded to her to stay she quickly redressed and reapplied her smeared make up and said she had to go.

I slept well that night,when I went down to breakfast with the others the next morning she waved and smiled from reception.My mates nudged and joked that I had pulled there and should chat her up.At the end of breakfast Raskia came over to the restaurant and handed me a note.I told my mates it was from the management reminding me I needed more medical treatment,although what it read was that it was her afternoon off and she so much wanted to spend it with me.I told the lads not to worry and go off on their own,the hotel had arranged for someone to accompany me.At noon Raskia called my room and told me to meet her in reception.She said we couldn`t do it in the hotel and had arranged the loan of a friends flat nearby.

Once in the flat she helped me undress and told me to lay on the bed.Slowly she began to perform a striptease for me,each article of clothing teasingly removed and thrown my way.When naked she joined me on the bed,we kissed and cuddled for a while before she went down on me.With no worry of being interupted she did things with her mouth and tongue which were out of this world.She seemed to take pleasure in bringing me close to cumming and then halting before resuming the torture.Finally I couldn`t hold back and came hard and long in her mouth,she purred like a cat as she licked up the cum that had spilled from her lips.The she said it was my turn to pleasure her,laying back she opened her thighs and bade me to go down on her.Her slit was covered in soft downy auburn hairs which I parted with my tongue.She smelt wonderful,the musky perfume of her juices filled my nostrils.Slowly I teased her clit with my lips and tongue before plunging deep into her lapping up her wetness.Slipping two fingers into her combined with my lapping tongue was driving her wild,she finally capitulated and came screaming and thrashing on the bed.

For the next couple of hours we made love watched some porn made love again before Raskia looking at her watch said we had better get back.As I wasn`t able to shower with my dressing Raskia helped bathe and dry me much to her amusement causing me to get hard again with her fondling.Raskia turned away and bent over the basin offering me her bottom,said we shouldn`t let it go to waste.As I nudged my cock near her cunt she shook her her and said no,she wanted me to take her up her backside.It was a dream come true I had always wanted to try it but none of my girlfriends did.Usinging my fingers I lubricated her bumhole with the juices from her cunt.Then smearing my cock with the same I eased into her,after a little resistance I inched my cock further into her.Raskia let out a satisfied moan as she felt me deep inside her,she felt so tight.SLowly at first I gently pumped in and out of her.Raskia`s hand reached between us alternatively massaging my balls or frigging herself.When I felt myself cumming I asked if she wanted me to unload or withdraw,she replied by thrusting back her backside onto my cock.We came together almost collapsing to the bathroom floor.

This time we washed and dried each other in silence before Raskia and I returned to the hotel.On the steps we met the lads who asked how we got on.I said their idea of treatment was something you wouldn`t get on the NHS.When asked if I was coming out with them that evening,Raskia lied that the doctors had said I still had to rest my ankle.Robbie the perspective groom said that was a shame condemned to another night alone in your hotel room,what will you do to releive the boredom.I said probably watch the porn on the TV.Robbie turned to Raskia and asked if she could`nt arrange a little female company for me.She said it was against hotel managements policy to hire ladies of the night but not to worry she would look in on me.

True to her word she let herself in after the lads had left for the evening only stopping to place the do not disturb sign on the outside.When I asked if her colleague on reception would get suspicious Raskia reminded me it was her afternoon off and that she had come up the backstairs so nobody knew she was even in the hotel.It was then a case of did we watch some porn first or get down to the nitty gritty.We compromised and did both re-enacting the scenes from the screen for real.

On our return to the UK the lads took great pleasure in telling everyone what a sad time I had had.I`m not sure they would be laughing so much if they knew the truth