Written by Snowman

5 Oct 2013

A good day , some shopping in Hull and a nice meal on the way back home. June looked very tasty in her red and black above the knee dress and ivory stockings with black heels. Sat in the pub with just the very edge of her stockings visible attracting some attention from wandering husbands eyes.

Anyway whilst in the car park I settled June into her seat for the trip back,which in this case meant handbag on the back seat , along with her jacket. Dress lifted up around her waist, panties removed, legs slightly apart and off we went. I like to finger her gently as we drive along, and of course June enjoys this immensley as she wriggles quite a lot.

June had drunk 2 large glasses of red whilst in the pub, as a driver I had resisted, but fancied a drink in our home town.

A few miles out , I started to tease June about getting her a guy with a big prick to give her a good seeing to and going to pub in the town, where it would be entirely possible.

Now to my knowledge June has never had sex with anyone else but me, but I do like to tease, and I kept this up for several miles as we drew nearer to home.

I deliberately missed our usual turnings to go home, and June started to get panicky, insisting that she wanted to go home. A few more wrong turns, which effectively has us going into the town centre and she was even more strident in her demands. I thought it very funny that she was so concerned, sat there with no panties on , and my fingers inside her lips.

I stop the car close to the pub in question, overlooking the harbour, and busy on a friday night, lots of young guys.

June desperately trying to pull her dress back down, and reaching for her handbag, which contained her panties. I passed it to her, but not before removing her panties and pocketing them. She of course demanded them back. Jokingly I refused and got out , she didnt , at first anyway.

I continued to the door, and June decided to follow ,looking respectable, but with her pussy open to the elements, and perhaps a little more stocking welt showing that she realised.

The pub is on two levels, with a small dance floor, and a balcony outside overlooking the harbour. I got two drinks and we sat overlooking the dance floor.

I was still enjoying myself, primarily because of Junes discomfort, knickerless in a pub full of testoserone, even though older than most around her, she attracted a fair bit of attention. I saw several guys checking her out.

It was after I went to get a second round, that I was caught out, lack of cash, not intended.

The bar staff were fine ; I said I would pop to the ATM and get some cash. I told June, she was not happy.

My bank ATM was out of order, so it was about twenty minutes before I got back to the pub.

No June, I went out checked the car, she didnt have the keys anyway, not there.

Back in the pub onto the upper floor, then what do I see , but June dancing with a guy lets say quite a few years younger than her.

She wouldnt see me, but I stood and watched transfixed, the lad was all over her, more importantly she was letting him. With his current progress I guessed he would soon discover, she was without knickers. This was proved true, when several people at tables close to the dance floor, were treated to the view of the lower part of my wifes bottom along with stockings and very tight suspender straps, in other circumstances a perfect picture.

I set off back down to the dance floor, seems my bluff called, so I would intervene.By the time I got back down and across to it, they had gone again.

This time I was getting a bit panicky !!A quick look around the floor area and no sign, back up to the second floor all around the bar area, no sign.

It was probably 5 minutes before I decided to check the outside balcony, it has lots of nooks and crannies. I should have got there sooner. Turning a corner I am confronted by June, leaning over the guard rails above the harbour, her dress up around her waist, legs spread and standing almost on the tips of her heels, as our dance friend pumped her from behind. He was really giving it some, the noise from the bar drowning out Junes moans. Within seconds she came, explosively it seemed. He wasnt far behind literally. He seemed to come for ages.

I decided not to create, it was mainly down to me that this had happened.

I shot back down into the bar; after about 10 minutes she appeared, slightly flustered, slightly pink.

Seeing me she asked if she could have her knickers back, I said not a lot of point , they would need washing as she would leak into them. I told her that I had seen what happened, I think June was shocked, but retaliated by saying it was my fault, I had been pushing her.

The lad had been very flattering and quite forceful, that is why she ended up over the railings, not something she was proud of.

So an unexpected end to the day to say the least.

I will have to more careful in future.