Written by jane and martin

21 Aug 2006

Jane and I have been visiting clubs in the midlands for the last couple of years, generally on a friday as Jane enjoys the attention of guys, selected one's anyway. Most visits involve having a few drinks and fucking in the alcoves knowing other couples are watching, this really turns both of on and then going into one of the rooms where others can play with us, Jane always has cock both sucking and being fucked and I love watching. Jane has always made the rule that whilst she can enjoy herself I can only finger fuck or oral something that is ok with me to a point. Anyway on our last visit we were sat across the room from a couple in their early 50's who were enjoying the view Of Jane sat on my cock fucking me. After a few mins we decided to go to the dark room where Jane bent over to let me in. Soon the other couple came in and started playing with each other (I think as was dark lol) and touching us both. Jane soon started sucking the guy while I fucked her and I was feeling the womans tits and playing with her very wet pussy. I felt a hand on my cock pulling me out and soon the guy was filling Janes wet hole with his cock and the woman was sucking me off. Before long I had her lovely bum pushing against my cock and although Jane did'nt know it I soon slipped it in to her but had to pull out again as Jane turned around to suck the guy again. Anyway soon I could hear him wanking on Janes tits and he groaned as he came on them leaving straight afterwards. I turned jane around again and fucked her some more feeling his hot cum on her tits which she made me lick before leaving the room. Not quite what I wanted but great anyway