Written by ditchlingdogger

19 Jun 2006

I was walking in my local woods one night 2 years ago, they are renowned for dogging and bench shagging in deepest darkest West Sussex. I was on my way to work for a night shift in London it was about 8 pm I had to get the 8.39 train from the ststion to London so was limited for time. It was quite warm but misty. As I was about to give up & return to the car a Couple approached me. They did not look the type but I asked as I passed the time of day with them if they knew where stuff went on, he replied "you can see to her if you want to lad" so with that i proceeded to left her up onto the bench, she was blonde, big chested about size 16. I started pulling at her dress hitching it up over the waist to reveal a moist wet hole. I was limited for time so started to fuck her fast and furious, he kept an eye for intruders. We were panting and puffing as it got darker I had her on the bench legs intwined she was calling out to get seen to harder. I told her to get on her knees so she squatted in the mud and started slurping on me, suddenly I came all over her face and quickly zipped up and walked away. He replied "thanks mate shes been waiting weeks for that" I made my way to the car, driving like a nutter to the station for the train to work. Was smiling all night though.