Written by steve

10 Mar 2006

I went to bed the other night and my wife asked me to put on one of the candles in the bedroom. she had gone to the bathroom. when she came back she was wearing a maid outfit and stockings. she came over to me and said she had to tidy the room and did i mind. i did not mind, she was making her way around the dedroom bending over and i could see her ass because the outfit was short. i could see the lips of her bold pussy and her tight ass. my cock was hard in moments and she told me to play with myself, which i did, with no problems. she then came over to the bed and lent over and put my cock in her mouth sucking it up and down. she then got onto the bed and asked me to open my legs and began to lick and suck on my balls. i began to play with myself while she did this. her tunge was all over my balls and i lifted my bum up and she was licking my ass, this felt good while i wanked myself.

she then just got ontop of me and slipped my cock inside her. she road me for some time ontop, stopping to turn away from me so that i could finger her ass while she fucked me. i likes this because it makes her feel that she is having two cocks at the same time, making her very wet. she then just got off and sat on my face while i liked the pussy and played with her ass. while i did this she undone the lace in the front of her outfit and did not uncover her sexy 34b tits, but allowed her to put her hand inside her top and play with her nipples. before she came she stopped me and told me to take her on all fours. this was great as i slowly put my cock inside her i put my hands round and played with her tits on the outside of her outfit. her was short but just covered her ass, i found this very sexy while i fucked her to look at. i put my hands on her ass and gently and slowly lifted her dress. she pushed back harder liking the feeling of my hands going up under her outfit.

she told me to cum inside her which i did, i felt the cum pump out of my cock because i was so turned on. she lay on her back and asked me to lick her pussy until she came. after she had cum she lay on her side and asked if i could fuck her again. i played with my cock and got hard again and put it back inside her. i sometimes find it hard to make love straight away but this time i did not have a problem. she was wetter that before and i made love to her on our side and once more came inside her.

the whole event was sexy and made me love the way she was dressed. the fact she told me what she wanted turned me on. we had not dressed up for some time and i had missed it very much.

xxxxlove you karen