Written by Dirty camper

30 Mar 2006

Several years ago me and a few mates went camping in France and booked into the cheapest capmsite with mimum facilities to allow more money for food and booze.We trvaelled by ferry and hitched so that saved more money and by the time we got to the camp we manaed to pitch our tents with some help from a group of germans who also let us share their meal and we were soon all pissed up on cheap french wine and then the next few hours were a bur and I remember waking up around 11.00 with a massive headache and staggered out of the tent and saw I was the only one of my group awake so I grabbed a towel and headed for the showers and could see 3 showers taken so I went to the last one and entered the old fashioned door and switched the shower on and soaped myself all over and felt my cock harden and then I heard a tap on the door and Pieter leaned over the door and asked if he could share my shower and before I said anything he droped his towel walked in and beagn to soap his body and my eyes looked down at his cck which was covered in hair and he had two huge balls which wiggled as he showered so I tried to look away but then he put his hands on my chest and said we should clean each other and I froze as he lathered me up and dropped to his knees and rubbed round my cock and balls and he even wanked it a couple of times and complimented me on my cock and then whenhe ws finished he out his hands in the air and said it was his turn and I just dropped to my knees and soaped his cock and balls and squeezed them and he responded by pressing my face to his erect cock and told me to suck it and I opened my mouth and let him beign to face fuck me and I was feeling dizzy as his balls slapped my chin he soon speeded up and I knew he would come soon so I went to move but he forced me to stay there sucking and I got it nbang down my mouth and it was strange taste but not too bad and I took all I could as I looked into his eyes.I stood up and he kissed me on the lips and said we can have more fun if I like and nodded I would like and he said he will suck me next time.Nothing happened for a couple of days until the wednesday when a trip to the local beach was arranged but I made an excuse of not feeling well so i stayed behind and lay in my tent with a tent of my own wishing Pieter was there to play with and just then the tent opened and Pieter walked in saying he came back for some cockfun and he pulled down my shorts to free my cock and he sucked it long and hard until it was sticking in the air then he stripped and picked up some ky jelly fron his shirts and rubbed it into his arse and then said he wanted me to fuck him hard and long so I got behind him and rubbed my cock up and down his hole before slwoly edging in bit by bit and he urged me on as he started to wank his cock I soon got into a pumping motion and loved slipping it right in then out as his hole got bigger and if anyone had seen us we would of looked like a couple of dirty dogs fucking and he told me to shoot and I held his arse cheeks closer and dumped my sticky goo into his arse and we collapsed into aheap and cuddled eacth other and fell asleep like that and were woken by the sound of bikes and we quickly managed to get our shorts on just as Terry pked through the tent entrance and asked if we were ok and Pieter and Ilooked at each other laughed and said yes.Whenever I get the chance in France or Germany I always try to find some germans as they are so good in bed.