Written by horny gavin

28 May 2006

this happened 6 months ago and though it turned me on i must say im ashamed of my self im a 42 year old guy i keep my self in good shape i vist the gym 4 times a week i have a very sexy wife we have a daughter called mary who is 20 she split from her boyfriend of 2 years a year a go and was really heart broken so when she come home all excited saying she was going out on a date me and my wife was really pleased for her i sat watching some tv in the living room mary was up stirs getting ready the door bell rang and mary shouted for me to answer it saying it must be Gavin her date i anwered the door a and a very handsome young man smild and said hi im gavin im here for mary we shook hands i closed the door as he waled in front iof me i must admite i cheaked out his sexy arse in tight jeans mary shouted that she wouldnt be long gavin sat down i got him a beer gaivn and chated i was finding him really attractive over the next few weeks gavin came over more often gavin and i got on well any way gavin said he was thinking of tacking up jogging but would like company so of course i offered to join him the sight of his thick hairy legs in tight cycling shorts gave me a hardon when we got back we were alone we both collapsed on the sofa after a drink i got up to take a shower "why dont we both have one togther itll save time "i said casually "ok" we went up stairs we both striped off the had a lovely toend hard body though his cock wasnt hard it was massive and thick "marys a lucky girl"i said openly looking at his cock he laughed gab hold of his cock and said "iknow " we got in to the shower "your is massive as well i bet brenda cant get enough"by this time i had a massive hard on "no she cant get enough" i replied gavin noticed my hard on when i turned round to face him he looked suprised i took my cock in my hand and storted to wank slowly in front of him gavin didnt say a word he got out of the shower dried him self off i heard him go down stairs i dried off put my jeans on and went down stairs gavin stood looking at me in only his under pants he came slowly to wards me pushed his hand down my jeans he pulled out my cock "let me see you wank your self off" he said i started to we he begain squzing his cock he to his cock out of his under pants hii cock was 9inc long and really thick he came over to me we snogged as we wanked our cocks he pulled away from me and wank off faster "fuck my arse i want your big cock up my arse"i begged he didnt waste any time he bent me over pulling my jeans to my ankles he pushed his cock in he moved quickly in and out "go easy "i grond "you want a cock up your arse thats what your gonna get " he panted load and fucked me harder "how long as it been since youve had a thck cock fucking you up the arse" he asked "to long its been months "i told him "well you gonna have my cock up your sexy tight arse all the time ill fuck you and your daghter she cant get enough of my cock ether"he shot his load up my arse i wanked my self off we lay side by side naked on the sofa gavin was growing hard again as i stroked his cock and squzed his balls "suck my nippels" he said lazly i ran my tounge over his nipples he grond we both were breathing heavly massivly horny he strocked my cock "suck my cock then i want you to fuck my arse "i sucked gavins cock he sat on my lap as i took his arse "fuck me fuck me oh yes " he shouted "fuck me really hard i need i really hard fuck i need that big cock up me dont stop "he wanked him self while i fucked him later that night i could hear gavin and mary fucking in her room i heared gavin go to the bath room when they finished i looked over at brenda who was asleep crept out of bed went down stairs gavin came down stairs he opened his dressing gown he had a massive hard on i sucked him off he came in my mouth then ishoved my cock in his mouth i came in his mouth we both returned to our rooms