Written by terry

4 Nov 2005

Towards the end of this summer, my friend Teresa and i went to a local naturist beach. There was only 2 single males there, so it was nice and quiet. After a while we removed our bikini tops and decided to go for a swim. As we walked down the beach we had to pass one of the single males. As we did we couldn't help notice he liked to show his cock off, he had pulled his foreskin back to expose the head of his cock. It was about 7-8 inches long and a good girth, he knew we was looking at it and smiled.

After we had our swim and walked up the beach, we walked past him again and he told us how nice our bottoms were, he was very polite. Before i could reply Teresa said, your cocks not bad either, we all laughed. Me and Teresa got back to where we were sitting and out of the blue she said, i would love to feel his cock inside me, i replied jokingly, well go and ask him. With that she removed her thong and walked down to him. They were talking for about 5 minutes, then they started to kiss, his hands were all over her tits and i could see she was sliding her hand up and down his cock. I removed my thong and moved closer, so i could see everything, i was getting so turned on my pussy was almost dripping.

He then laid on his back with his hands behind his head and his beautiful cock pointing to the sky, Teresa grabbed his cock and slowly lowered her head towards it, then she took him in her mouth, licking, kissing and sliding her lips up and down his shaft, i could hear him moaning in pleasure. He suddenly pulled her head from his cock as he came a small amount, it was dribbling from his cock, as blobs of cum flowed onto his pubes, Teresa run her fingers in his hot cum. Teresa stood up and stood over him, she then squatted down and started to cover his chest in her golden rain, i know she liked to piss over men and this one was enjoying it. She then turned around, her head near his feet, sat on his chest, then lifted her arse and sat down onto his cock, taking it's full length in one motion, she was bouncing up and down, getting faster and faster.

I couldn't stand it anymore, i went and sat right next to them, he reached out to touch my pussy, i moved closer so he could slide a finger into me, i shuddered as it entered me, he must have realised i wanted more as he then slid 3 fingers into me , slipping them in and out, i came with a loud moan and held his hand there until i finished cumming.

Teresa was still on top of him sliding her pussy up and down his cock.She was telling him she was going to cum, with that i went to the front of her and started to feel her tits, we kissed, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. This was too much for the guy, he moaned don't stop, don't stop as he shot his thick hot cum into Teresa, she moaned with pleasure as she came.

She rolled off of him, as she did his cum was running out of her pussy, i couldn't resist it, i started to lick her pussy, his cum tasted very sweet, my lips and mouth were covered in his spunk.. i turned around and kissed the guy on the lips, so he could taste his own seed.

I told him i wanted him to fuck me, he didn't need asking twice, i got on all fours and pushed my arse in the air, he got behind me and pushed his still spunky cock into me, he really banged it into me, while telling me if i liked the taste of his cum he would spunk in my mouth, i could only moan in reply, i reached between my legs and started to squeeze his balls, i came with a shudder, him talking dirty to me really turned me on.

He took his cock out of me and put it next to my mouth, i took him in my mouth and suck his stiff cock, he put his hand on my head, pulling me onto his cock. He begged me to let him cum in my mouth, i just kept suck his spunky cock until he shot his thick cum onto my tongue, as he came his cock began to soften. Teresa and i made our way back to our towels, packed up and left, it was a day to remember.