Written by horny oldgit

17 May 2006

hello i posted a story on here few weeks ago now about me as a gardener for this couple i have worked for im 60 years of age and sometimes there daughter comes home from collage on a weekend like she did the other weekend and that is when i fucked the ass of her which she did tease me enough anyway last weekend she came home with gilrfriend of hers and she and her friend was teasing me like anything both wore tiny mini skirts with short croptops wearing no bras as they both made sure that i could see that there nipples would be hard and still and was sticking out of there tops it was a warm day as they was wondering around the place i was trying to get on with my work when the girlfriend called me over to the kitchen door as i went over there she stood and pulled up her top to show me her lovely firm tits and said well what you think well my eyes popped out of my head then she said i bet you want to feel them i didt need telling twice as i felt them flicked my tongue over each 1 of them as she stood there moaning she said that she needs a fuck well talk about being forward so i bend her over while i took her doggy she wasnt wearing a thong she was loving it while i could see into the kitchen the daughter was sitting on the chair fingering herself while she watched me fuck her best friend it didt take me long to shoot my spunk into her juicey wet pussy then the daughter came over and started to suck me off then i had two horny sluts sucking my cock while i played with there tits and pulled on there nipples which this they loved i got the chance as well to fuck the ass of the daughter as well that day licked out there hot juicey pussies then i had the friend again while the daughter went for her driving lesson she came over to the shed where i work and said that she had heard all about me and wants to ride on my cock so i sat on the chair which is in there and she sat on my lap and rode me hard and fast she was loving it not as much as me having an 18 y old ride on my cock as i was biting on her nipples and i gave her little lovebites all over her tits as i felt her juices run down on to my balls then i told her to sit in between my legs and lick it up which she was happy to lick around my balls god she looked a real dirty slut cum all over her face as i pulled her head back by her hair to watch her suck my cock she wanted me to take a pic with her phone just her sucking my cock which i did and of my tongue licking around her clit after she showed me i ws well turned on cant wait for the summer hoildays