Written by ds

15 Feb 2006

Kelly lay in front of me stark naked. Her beautiful blonde hair sprawled over the bed, my eyes dashed from her small tits with lovely red nipples, down to her beautifully clean shaven fanny. My cock was already as hard as a rock in my overalls.

I knew it was wrong, after all she was an old school chums daughter, which meant she was young enough to be my daughter, however she was eighteen and old enough to make decisions for herself. Course that was only half the story.

It had started a couple of weeks earlier while out for a meal, I bumped into Dave at the bar, he introduced me to his wife Helen and there daughter Kelly. Helen was a stunning woman but that didn't surprise me, Dave always got the best birds at school. He was the guy that all the girls went for, captain of the football team, Mr popular. However I laughed quietly inside, he was now Mr Podge infact Mr Balding Podge, it was obvious he had done well for himself but the hard work had taken its and you cant buy your looks back.

So after a brief chat we agree to a drink after the meal. He blurbs on about how much money he makes, boring, boring, boring. Then I admit Im a decorator, which isnt that flash but I make a good living from it. So he then suggests I decorate there bedroom, he had promised Helen he would do it ages ago.

Now this is where the story really begins, I get to work in the bedroom, its got wallpaper over wallpaper over wallpaper and I need the industrial steam stripper to get it off. So im sweating my bits off stripping this paper, Helen pops in and offers me a cup of tea to which I accept. I go downstairs and put covers on the sofa before I sit down. She gives me the tea and we start chatting, she laughs as me covered in little bits of wallpaper.

With tea over I get up to carry on stripping, now at this point im not sure what happened, Helen says she leant towards me to remove a bit of paper from my hair, I saw she lunged at me, but our lips are joined and tongues doing the tango. She pulls away and s wrong and I scuttle upstairs to carry on with the wallpaper.

An hour later she joins me in the room, wearing old clothes and offering to help. We work for about forty minutes and the pair of us are sweating, she says we should shower to clean up. We are tearing at each others clothes getting from the bedroom to the toilet. Once in there I pull her panties down to reveal a lovely trimmed fanny, I drop to my knees and run my tongue over her lips. Shes in a rush and pulls me into the shower cubicle, the hot water is splashing off both of us, we kissing again and she has got hold of my cock. She turns to face the wall and I take her from behind. After a frantic five minutes or so I fire my load deep inside her, we both take deep breaths and suddenly get a guilt trip. We both agree Dave must never know about this. Of course the next day were at it like rabbits, and the day after the same. So eventually she decides to spend the days at her Mothers to get rid of temptation.

But now I am stood at the end of kellys bed and as I said at the beginning she is stark naked. "I know you want me" she says and my bulging cock is tending to agree.

Kelly had started to come home from work at lunchtimes, she enjoyed being in the room with me and was always commenting on my physique as I hung the wallpaper, course I never thought it would come to this.

On this day she came in with a cup of tea and then said she was going to her room, she was trying to talk her parents into having it decorated as well and was going to show me some ideas. When she called me I went in all innocently.

I moved slowly towards her, she raised her foot and put it in my groin, gently stroking my cock with her foot nearly made me explode. I took hold of her ankle and placed it to my side, she lifted her other leg and I put that the other side, I was now moving towards her. I lowered myself down and was faced with her lush fanny. My tongue went straight inside, parting her lips, she was already wet and tasted sweet. I ran my tongue around her fanny and up towards her clit, I took my finger and thumb and parted her lips to expose her clit and planted my tongue firmly on it, working it around, then sucking gently. I moved my hand up to her tit, they were small but her nipples firm and sensative, she put her hand on my as I squeezed her tit.

My cock was aching in anticipation. I stood and undid my overalls, dropping them to the floor, my shirt was off and my boxers removed. I took hold of her ankles again and walked into her. I dropped to my knees and pushed my hard cock to the lips of her fanny, teasing her by putting the bell end into her lips but not entering, "Fuck me" she said and I slid my cock deep inside her. "Oooh big" she said. I watched as my cock slid in and out of her beautiful hole, her lips moving in and out with my cock movement, slowly at first, then getting up a pace. I grabbed her tit and squeezed.

I got her into the doggy position and entered her from behind, "Harder" she begged and harder I went, I wanted to come now but was holding back, still inside her from the doggy position I lowered her onto the bed, she was now face down on the bed, I was still inside her and on her back. I put my hand round her front to touch her clit and started to pump, I could feel her arse squelching beneath me, faster and faster I pumped, my finger working on her clit, I wanted to hear the words and she didnt disappoint "Im comming" she screamed and I timed it just right and fired my load inside her.

After I decorated Kelllys room Dave invited me round to say thanks, the look of contentment on his wife and daughters face was enough thanks for me.