Written by Dave,

10 Feb 2004

Lisa was loving my tongue flicking on her shaven pussy, Emma moved to the floor, and nervously bent forward to taste her first cock, she slowly took my bellend into her warm mouth, and after a short while got into a rhthym, i started moving my arse backwards and forwards, each time giving her more of a mouthfull, stopping just short of making her gagg, Lisa was now having her second orgasm, as i flicked my tongue on her hard clit, she stood up, took all her clothes off and flung them on to the chair, she sat in the middle of the settee legs wide apart, before i could get near her, Emma reached forward and slipped not one but two fingers into her wet hole, Lisa was loving it and so was i! Emma got onto all fours, parked her head in between Lisa's thighs, and slurpped at her pussy like a pro, i hurriedly got behind Emma, wet my fingers, and played with her tight quim, it took me ages to get my finger in her tight hole but she was loving it panting like a dog thrusting back onto my hand, Lisa said to me fuck her then, you know you want to, Emma parted her legs slightly, knowing that her first time might hurt, i rubbed my cock along her moist honeypot, and very slowly entered her from behind, she was still licking frantically on Lisa's cunt, more to take her mind off what was happening to her i think, i got about 5" into her, and she felt uncomfortable, her pussy was so tight, i took my cock out of her slowly, she sat next to Lisa, who by now, wanted her share, i knelt in between her legs, and let her have the full length she loves it, within seconds, she was coming again, emma kissed her softly, while frigging her self to another orgasm, the site of those to at it, made me lose it, my balls tightened, and i filled lisa full of cream, moments later, we all got into Lisa's double bed, me in the middle, a beautiful girl either side of me, and one hell of a story to tell my mates on monday,