Written by Dave

5 Jan 2004

This is my first posting so please forgive me if it’s a little long-winded or dull – but I am writing about an “actual” encounter that happened to me on last Saturday.

Well after my first day back at work after new years turned out to be a long drag and so on Friday night I’d gone straight from the office to the pub and sang a good number of beers with a few mates. Saturday I eventually dragged myself from my pit and jumped into the shower to start making myself feel more human. After I’d showered and was in the process of brushing my teeth the door bell went so I dashed out of the bathroom to go and answer it (with my towel around my waist). When I opened the door I saw a delivery lady there with a couple of parcels in hand. Unfortunately at this point I still had a mouthful of toothpaste and a toothbrush hanging out of my gob – so I gestured for her to step into my lounge which she did. I’m in my mid 20s and she was at least 20 years my senior and she was no supermodel however I did notice her more than ample chest and felt a slight stirring in the loins… I returned to the bathroom to rinse my mouth out and then came back into the lounge to sign for the packages and apologise and all that stuff. As I walked over to pick up the clipboard from the coffee table the towel around my waist fell to the ground and I was speechless and embarrassed. The woman immediately dropped her eyes to my groin and said “hmm I bet the girls like you – it looks big and juicy”. I was still speechless and more or less stuck to the spot; but at the same time I found the whole situation incredibly arousing and this was rapidly becoming evident by my stiffening tool.

Common sense was just returning to me and I reached over to retrieve my towel, but before my hand reached it I felt her hand take hold of my cock and start to stroke it slowly and firmly – like I said earlier she was no supermodel but what bloke is going to look this kind of gift horse in the mouth. So I just let her take over the situation and sat back for the ride. It wasn’t long before I was fully erect and she then bent her head to my cock and started to lick around the head and then fully up and down the shaft all the time making grunts of excitement and satisfaction and keeping her eyes fixed on me – well by this time I was just smiling down at her as the hangover just completely disappeared. After a few minutes of this licking my cock all over she then dropped her head and took my balls in her warm mouth and continued to wank my cock with her hand. I was in f*cking heaven!

Finally she put my cock in her mouth and took almost all of it still staring into my eyes, at the same time she was reaching up and with her hands firmly scratching down my back and chest alternately, pausing to pinch and tweak my nipples (something that I love). Well this was great and the longer it continued the closer and closer I was getting to exploding, so I took hold of her long blond hair and starter to steadily increase my rhythm and was almost at the point of no return when she did something that I’ve never experienced before – she started a long continued humming noise and the vibrations that were going through my, by now, rampant cock were incredible. The time had cum and I told her I was cumming she just continued to suck and hum, taking all of my spunk down and swallowing the lot. As soon as I’d finished she stood up gave me a long, wet, sloppy and spunky kiss exploring my mouth thoroughly with her tongue.

She must have stayed for a good two hours, during which I got to explore her ample chest her shaven fanny, and even her extremely tight arse but that really would be another story all together – if she comes with any more parcels I’ll have to ask her name .

(As this is the first time I’ve recounted one of my escapades any feedback would be gratefully received. And any women who like to act out this or any similar encounters get in touch!)