Written by Jill

22 Feb 2005

This is something that happened to me last week, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I have been permanently turned on since it happened and my hubby cannot believe it when I keep asking him for sex, sometimes two or three times a day.

We had gone shopping on Saturday for a bed for my daughter, in a second hand shop. We paid for a very nice wooden bed and were told it would be delivered on Monday about 1 oclock.

I phoned into the office that I would not be in until the afternoon as I was awaiting a delivery. I am 36, about 5'4, size 12, and quite curvy. I think a bit fat but my hubby loves the curves.

I did some chores in the house in the morning and was getting ready for work about 12 oclock. I had just showered when there was a knock on the door. I looked out of the bedroom window to see the van from the second hand shop.

I quickly threw on a dressing gown and went to the door. I had had the dressing gown a few years and I had lost the belt so just held it together. It was quite short and made of a white satiny material. I opened the door to find a man of about 60 stood there. He said he had the bed and was early because somebody else had asked for a later delivery.

He went to the van and started to carry the pieces into the house. He asked if I wanted it upstairs and I said yes and showed him my daughter's bedroom. I could see him looking at me as I had not dried myself properly and the gown was clinging to my skin. I have got quite big nipples after having two children and they were partly showing through the material. I felt a bit uneasy, but surprisingly, not put off.

Once all the pieces of the bed were upstairs he offered to put it together and I said ok. I helped him to hold the pieces of the bed as he bolted them together, not noticing at first that he could see everything as my gown had slipped open. I pulled it together and pretended that he had not noticed. I knew he had as he was looking at me in that funny way.

As I turned towards him at one time I noticed him adjusting his trousers and realised that he had a hard on. As I was kneeling down on my heels, he had had a very good view of my pussy. Strangely I actually felt quite turned on, not before realising that I was turned on by exhibitionism.

He came to my end of the bed to bolt the headboard on and was close enough to touch me as I held the bed together. I noticed that he accidentally touched me a few times, as we worked close together and even let his hand touch my bottom.

His touching got more and more obvious until he actually touched the inside of my leg near my pussy. I was too embarassed to say anything and continued as if nothing happened. He obviously took this as a sign of encouragement and suddenly put his hand right on my pussy. I grabbed his hand and pushed him away but he insisted and we ended up on the floor with him on top of me. He reached down to his trousers, undid them and took out his cock. I could feel the warmth of it against my leg I was panicking at this time but also could not understand the feeling of excitement that I was feeling. He forced his legs between mine and tried to get his cock into me. I tried to stop him but he was very strong for his age and managed to get his cock into my pussy, which by this time was absolutely soaking. I could not believe that a 60 year old man was having sex with me. He put his full weight on me and pushed himself in and out of me. I started to really enjoy it and held his body to mine. He made me cum twice before I felt his body stiffen and let out a loud groan as he squirted inside me. He seemed to go on for ages and this made me cum again as I felt his spunk run out of me.

He laid on top of me exhausted for ages before he got up, adjusted his clothes, went downstairs and let himself out of the front door.

I laid on the floor for about 15 minutes thinking about what had just happened. I didn't shower again before I went to work, knowing that his cum was inside me.

I cannot believe that an old man had forced himself on me and I had loved it. I haven't told anybody about it so had to write it down.