Written by dazzagg1

29 Nov 2006

when Billy had gone back in the warehouse I put my prick away and zipped up I still felt horny tho'. wen I went in the warehouse I went to where Dave was working and said I'm looking forward to tonite m8 I cant wait for ya to make me cum. Dave was looking at me an I watched his hand move onto his prick an start to squeeze it...dont forget m8 yu promised to make me cum my load 3 times..No prob he said see yu in the pub later m8 I'll be in about 8..when I got home I changed into a t shirt an a pair of tight light blue jeans no boxers so my prick showed out real good. when I got to the pub about 7.30 Dave wasnt in yet an the pub was very quiet just a few guys sat around having a pint..I got a drink from the bar an went towards the garden at the back of the pub. when I got to the door there was just 1 young guy out there sat on a bench seat watching the door. I stood and leaned against the door and looked at him you ok m8 sure he said just having a quiet drink wot about yu I told him I was waiting for a m8 I cud see he was staring at my crotch so I reached down an adjusted my prick he looked away so I went over an sat on the bench an stretched my legs out so that my prick was showing out.I looked at him and smiled nice nite for it aint it m8. yeah he said wotever IT is.an laughed. looks like yr ready for anything with that fucker in ya pants. I am m8 wot yu up to. nuffin he said just hanging around. he was wearing a T shirt an combats an he pushed his left hand into his pocket and I saw him feeling around making me horny..yu having a prob in there I said yu want some help..he grinned an said yeah if ya like m8 I cud do with a bit of help in here. I reached over an felt around till I found his prick and started to play with it. I felt it growing hard thru his pants.is it ok out here sure I said there aint no-one in the pub till about 8.30 is it ok if I have a feel at yrs m8 yeah I said give it a go m8 just 1 thing if ya make the fucker hard yu gotta make it cum for ya.His prick was growing in my hand an it felt like a fair size about 7an a half inches I said lets go over near the wall where no-one can see us m8 its a bit dark over there. Ok he said.. I got up an walked to the wall an he followed. wen I got to the wall I turned round and leant against the wall pushing my groin out so my prick was sticking right out.he stood facing me so I said come on m8 get the fucker out an get to work on it.. he reached over an unzipped my jeans pushed his hand inside and took hold of my nearly hard cock.I unzipped his combats and reached in an dragged his dick outta his pants and started to wank him off..Oh fuck he said this is so fucking horny yr prick is so big m8 it feels fucking great in my hand I'm gonna cum real quick m8 if yu keep tossing me like that.. me too I said come on m8 lets make each other cum . I was wanking him real fast an he did the same to me I was still horny from work so I knew I wud be cumming my load real fast.I looked at him an licked my lips he licked his an said ok if I go down on ya m8, fuck me m8 I said sure is get the fucker in ya mouth an lets feel ya sucking on it.. He bent down an opened his mouth and started to ease my prick into it. it was so hot being sucked off in the pub garden I started to move my hips back and forward in a fucking motion and more of my prick went into his mouth he was sucking me so good I knew I was gonna cum my load soon. I told him I was gonna cum soon but he just carried on as more of my prick went in my shaft was all wet an slippy an his mouth was so hot on my prick I cud feel my balls starting to fill. I started to fuck his face faster and felt the spunk shooting outta my prick into his mouth but he kept on sucking on it. He stood up and I got hold of his cock an said now I'm gonna suck yu off m8.. I bent down an took his prick in my mouth' I cud taste his precum nice an salty so I took his prick in my mouth an started to suck him off I felt his prick touch the back of my throat an swallowed so I was deep throating him, his bollocks were touching my chin an he slowly started to fuck my mouth making his bollocks bang on my chin. I felt his cock get harder an fatter an knew he was gonna cum his load. I felt him shooting his spunk into my mouth nice an tasty. he pulled out an I stood up.. Fuck me m8 that was the best blowjob I've ever had, yu too m8 I said we shud do it again.. I knew I wud be leaving Dave early and said if yr around later m8 I'll meet ya at the park gates about 9.30.Great he said I'm meeting a m8 ok if he comes to sure I said has he gotta nice big tool like yu, yeah he said its bigger than mine but it aint as big as yrs. good I said. I gotta get back in the pub to meet my mate so I'll see ya later I reached down an grabbed his prick in his pants and said make sure this fuckers good an hard so I can suck on it again.. Sure I will an I went back into the pub...to be contd