Written by dazzagg1

6 Dec 2006

wen I went back into the pub I saw Dave sitting in a corner away from the bar He said Hi m8 yu wanna drink.. no m8 I just got one.. I walked over to him an he smiled your fucking jeans are a treat m8 your prick looks fucking ginormous..I sat next to him an stretched my legs out under the table making my dick show out. Nice 1 mate he said your prick looks fucking tasty. good I said maybe yu might wanna taste it later.. Sure m8 he said yu know I'm up for anything. I looked under the table where his legs were stretched out an saw he was wearing very tight white pants which showed his big tool off lovely...Looks like yu got a semi hard on m8 wot yu expect Dazz when I saw yr prick showing out I got a fucking hard on straight away..good I said OK if I have a feel m8..I reached across and placed my hand over his bulge an started to rub it through his pants.oh fuck he said thats so fucking horny m8 it was getting more an more prominent in his pants an I cud feel his dick throbbing I think I better get this fucker out an toss yu off under the table m8 good job its quiet in here no one can see us sat here.. I unzipped his pants and forced my hand inside and felt around for his prick he wasnt wearing any briefs so I just gripped it real hard and pulled it outta his pants and started to toss him off,, jeeze m8 this is fucking great yu gonna make me cum my load.. sure I am I'm gonna toss yu off real fast so ya cum quick for me good he said just wot I need m8... I looked down and he raised his ass off the seat so his prick was really sticking up... his left hand moved across to my thigh an I felt him feeling my prick in my tight jeans my prick feels fucking great in yr hand dazz an I love playing with your cock in ya jeans its so fucking big m8.. Yu like me wanking yu off Dave sure he said its the fucking best a goodlooking guy like yu wanking me off in a pub. I took my hand off his prick and put it near my mouth an wet it as much as I cud then got hold of his prick again I rubbed my hand up an down his shaft real tight making it nice an slippy. oh fuck he said I'm gonna cum very soon daz yu such a sexy fucker I love ya tossing me off I felt his prick start to throb an felt the spunk shooting outta his prick underneath the table ..Jeeze m8 thats the quickest I ever cum my load yu really know how to handle a guys prick m8 yu got 2 more times to make me cum again.. No m8 I'm gonna make ya cum as much as I can tonite I'm gonna pump yr dick till the fuckers dry.. Good he said just wot I need m8./nice one Dave m8 now yu gotta make me cum next.. Cant wait he said yu want me to wank yu off now.. nah Dave lets have a drink an see wot happens.. just then a guy sat opposite us . he was about 35 still in his working clothes musta been a builder he was ok looking an very fit..from where he was sat I cud see under his table an he had a fair sized bulge in his jeans I also knew he cud see under our table. He stretched his legs out making the bulge more noticable and looked across at us..I said yu ok m8 sure he said just having a quick drink on the way home from work m8 nice one I said just wot yu need m8 ...I whispered to Dave get yr hand on my prick m8 lets see wot happens wen he sees ya playing with my it Dave reached over and put his hand on my crotch and started to rub me.. The guy was still looking and I saw his hand move down onto his crotch and squeeze his bulge. my prick was getting hard again an Dave was rubbing his hand up an down the length of it making it show out real good against my tight jeans The guys hand was very busy on his crotch an I saw he was starting to get a hard on. I said why doncha come an sit over here m8.. that ok he said sure m8 I said were all m8s in here.. he stood up an I cud see the bulge in his jeans an it looked like a big fucker.. He walked over an sat down next to me.. your m8 ok he said sure he is he's a young guy an he works with me he sorta likes playing with big cocks an he cant get enuff of mine. the guy looked down at Daves hand rubbing up an down my prick an said cant fault him m8 we all need some fun dont we.. I grinned an said I like a bit more than most m8. wot about yu m8 oh me too m8 I like a bit of fun I looked down an saw he was playing with his prick .. sure yu do yu want any help in there m8. sure he said we ok here.. Yeah m8 no one can see here.. His hand went onto my leg an started to rub it I said Dave open my pants up m8 this guy wants some action.. I let my hand fall onto his lap and took hold of the bulge in his jeans. Dave was unzipping my flies an he reached in an dragged my hard prick out.. Fuck me the guy said thats a fucking big prick ya got m8 ok if I have a feel sure m8 its all yrs Dave moved his hand and the guy gripped hold of my shaft.. I said I'm gonna open yr jeans m8 an get yr tool out an wank the fucker off ok with yu.. to fucking right he said and reached down with his left hand an opened the top of his jeans I reached across an pulled so his buttons snapped open and reached inside his jeans.. his prick was nearly as big as mine and just as thick, I looked at him an said I'm gonna toss yu off now m8 till ya cum ya load in my hand yu gonna do the same for me make me cum for ya.. sure he said an I felt his hand grip my cock tight an start to wank it yu gotta big fucking dick m8 feels fucking great in my hand it feels good wanking you off.. me too I said yu gotta good sized prick too m8 I'm gonna make ya cum real quick.. no prob he said I love cumming especially wen I gotta big prick in my hand he was wanking me real fast gripping my shaft tight taking his hand to the tip of my prick an using his thumb to spread the precum over my knob end ...yu wank good m8 I said yu gonna make me cum soon my pricks fucking steaming his prick was getting harder an harder in my hand while I tossed him oh fuck he said this is the best wank Ive ever had I aint never had a prick as big as yrs in my hand. Dave was playing with my balls while the guy wanked me an it felt so good.. the guy looked at me an licked his lips I'm gonna cum m8 I'm gonna cum for ya I pushed my tongue out an licked my lips me too m8 yu give a fucking great wank I felt his prick throb in my hand just as I started to cum myself and felt his spunk shooting under the table an into my hand...fuck me he said I aint never cum like this m8 yu are a great tosser better than me no m8 I said yu were great tossing me off yu made me cum very quick but yu are a sex fucker...Is there any chance we can do this again later he said sure thing m8 we can have a 3some with my m8 Dave here.. fucking great he said can I wank the pair of you off together.. sure I said anything yu like m8. we.ll all walk home thru the park an se wot happens to be contd