Written by Graham and Corrine

12 May 2005

I was at home this morning as it was wet and I could not work when the bell rang. I answered the door and found Josette there with some eggs for Corrine. I asked her in and she said she would love a coffee.

We went through to the kitchen and I put the eggs in the larder.

I went to put on the coffee and Josette came up behind me and felt my cock through my trousers. It stirred into life.

'Are you going to pay me for the eggs,' she asked 'or would you rather leave a deposit?' Knowing what sort of a deposit she liked I decided and that and took her through to the bed sette in the conservatory.

I slid my hand up her jumper and found she was naked underneath it. I took her left breast and cupped it in my hand. Her nipple slowly rose from its slumber. I slid my left hand down her trousers and found her slit. my fingers parted her lips and slid in to her warm moist crack. She murmered happily an dmove closer to me.

I found her clit and stroked it gently whilst thumbing her nipple. She shuddered and climaxed. Her knees gave way and she fell on the bed settee breathing heavily.

I lay by her side and undid her zip, easing her trousers open. She was not wearing any knickers. Her reddish grey pubes were glistening with the come juice that had leaked from her cunt. I nuzzled into them and smelled her sexiness.

My tongue licked her hairs lean and I slid it down he rcrack brushing her clit in passing. She murmered with pleasure and climaxed again juices streaming from her rose pink hole. These were soon licked up where upon she gave me a long french kiss enjoying the taste o fher own sex.

She undid my flies and took out my manhood and peeling bakc the skin she took it straight down. It was superb deep throat. As she felt me coming she stopped sucking and drank down each last drop of my spunk.

'I love your juice,' she whispered 'now how about that deposit I really need?'

I rolled her onto her stomach and raised her knees so that her cunt was pointin towards me. Her bum hole looked inviting. So i moistened it and pushed inside it. She cired out in delight and said she aws not expecting a deposit there. So after a few thrusts I pulled out and reached for Corrine's vibrator which I inserted into her bum instead. I the slid my hard cock into her cunt and turned on the vibrator. She writhed in pleasure.

'That's the first time I've ever had a vibe and a cock at the same time.It is absolutely fabulous. Fuck me steadily and make me cum some more. Leaving the vibe running I ssslowly slid my cock up and down her warm moist cunt reaching round I felt her nipple with one had and her clit with other. She spasmed into an orgasm that went on for ages. I could feel her cunt muscled grabbing my cock and squeezing like a vice. When she relaxed I began to push into her deep and faster until I sprayed her cunt full with my burning spunk.

'God! That was first class,' I cried. I had been well drained and Josette said she had received a good deposit for the eggs.