Written by Kim.

20 Aug 2005

My name's Kim, I'm fifty and married to Tom who is five years older. We have been married nearly thirty years and have always had a great sex life, but there's no denying that after that length of time we both felt that some sort of change was necessary. I have a good figure still, a little bit plumper perhaps than I used to be but, from what my friends tell me, still attractive enough to make men look twice. Tom is very fit for his age and in fact still plays cricket in the summer, he has a good body and seven and a half inches of lovely cock. We used to have sex and while the foreplay was going on, like most women I love lots of it, we would fantasise on what we would like as opposed to what we were doing. Briefly it amounted to Tom wanting to see me fucked by another man and I wanting to find out what it would be like to make love with another woman, I also had a sneaking desire to see my hiusband fucking another woman.

One Friday night I realised that Tom was more or less just going through the motions, not that he wasn't enjoying it, or I was for that matter, just that it really wasn't the passionate encounter that it once had been. As Tom caressed my clit and I gently wanked his cock I said, "Tom, this isn't right any longer is it?"

He stopped, "No, I suppose it isn't!" We discussed it for a few minutes then I said, "Look darling, we've fantasised about this before, how would you really feel if you saw another man putting his prick up me and doing me?"

He took his time, "I dunno really, the whole idea excites me incredibly," I felt his cock harden even more in my hand, "I don't think that I'd be jealous because I think you love me as much as I love you."

"I do, but well, we've got to do something."

"Yes, I feel the same, do you want to try it then?"

"Only if you don't mind."

He took his time again, "Okay then, I feel incredibly aroused just talking about it like this! Let's do it!" He rolled on top of me and fucked me with much of the fire he'd had in days gone by. Afterwards, with his spunk oozing out of my fanny we talked about how to go about it.

"Look," I said, "I'm all for this but only if we do both fantasies."

"Alright!" he agreed, "I think that it must be far easier for a woman to pick up a man, say in a pub or club. There are always men on the lookout for a bit of spare. But not the other way round, I think I'd need to go on the internet to find another woman who swings both ways!"

I agreed with that. "Okay then, look, I'll ask around one or two of my friends, I know several women who've shopped for a bit on the side and I'm sure they'll tell me where the best places are to find another man." And that's how we left it.

I soon found enough information from a couple of women I knew, both of whom played around without their husband's knowledge. I didn't have that handicap. One was a club, one only had to say that one was single to join, and the other two were so called 'singles' pubs. Tom and I had agreed that we both needed to be completely comfortable with a prospective partner for it to work. I startedthe search the following week. The club I found full of men who simply wanted easy sex, one night stands or absolutely no commitment. In the first of the singles pubs I was chatted up by quite an attractive man, I thought, 'Well there's only one way to find out whether he's acceptable.' And that was to let him make love to me, so I made a date and met him one afternoon when Tom was at work. I drove to a car park and bought a ticket when I saw Viv arrive. I got into his car and he drove me to his house. It was quite noticeably a man's residence, no sign of a woman at all. As soon as we arrived he made adrink for us both, vodka and tonic. He was a pretty smooth operator and was soon kissing me, I let him go on and it wasn't long before my knickers were off and he was feeling me. He was a good lover, that is until he entered me and started to fuck me. Then it all fell apart, he came in less that a minute and quite obviously could see nothing wrong with doing so. I let him think that I had enjoyed it, which wasn't true, and kissed and cuddled him afterwards until it was time for him to take me back to the car park. The phone number I gave him was a fake and that was that.

Not unnaturally I was disappointed, doubly so when the experience was repeated in the other singles pub! I implored one of my eager helpers and one of them gave me the name of a pub in a town twenty miles away. I had told Tom that the men I had met so far had disappointed, though I didn't tell him that I'd slept with them. On the Friday of the following week I went to the pub twenty miles away.

After a couple of false starts I met a man I was sure would prove to be the one. We had a great evening and I arranged to meet him again, I didn't want to give him the impression that I slept with a man on first meeting, though I certainly would have done in other circumstances! He was a very persuasive man and I liked him a lot so when he pressed me to go with him on our second meeting, I did. He was a wonderful lover, skilled, full of stamina, long-lasting and a huge ejaculator. I let him fuck me twice and told him that I was married and looking for a man who would fuck me in front of my husband and join in whatever love-games we indulged in. I said obviously my husband would have to approve him. He looked shocked at first, then laughed, "You're a cool one!" he chuckled,"Seeing if I was up to the job were you?" I admitted that I was and that I was certain that Tom would like him and anyway, if it all fell through I had enjoyed the sex, which was true of course.

I arrived back home quite late that evening and told Tom what had happened, "What, you've fucked him already?" he spluttered.

"I have," I replied, "wouldn't be very clever if everything else went alright and when we came to the lovemaking he couldn't come up to scratch, would it?"

"No, of course not, you're right. When do I get to meet this bloke?"

I said, "I'll give him a ring for us to meet on neutral ground next Friday evening, alright?" He nodded. "Well, his name's Alex, he's thirty-eight, good-loking and well-built. His cock's just about the same size as yours and he knows how to use it to satisfy a woman. He has loads of spunk when he comes, just think what it'll be like to push your lovely prick up me when I'm full of his spunk!" Tom groaned. Well the meeting went ahead and the two men got on like a house on fire so our sex experiment was on! We told Alex where we lived and arranged for him to spend the following weekend with us from the Friday night.

I made dinner for that evening and Alex arrived at about seven thirty. We had a couple of drinks then sat down for the meal, afterwards we sat and nattered for an hour to let the meal go down then I led the men upstairs. I went and showered followed by Tom then Alex. Both men had erections as we met in the bedroom and a fine sight it was. We had told Alex that he would be making love to me first and Tom sat in a chair by the bed watching. I was feeling very excited as Alex kissed me. He had remembered how I liked to be wooed and commenced with gentle kissing while he caressed my arms. Soon he was kissing my cheeks, eyes and neck and caressing my breasts. I already knew that I was wet, but enjoyed the progression as he kissed my breasts then kissed sucked and nibbled at my nipples and moved down over my stomach to my mound. I have a big, soft, mound and the long lips of my fanny are very obvious. Now, as he kissed them they developed, swelling up and dividing, his tongue did the rest. My clit swelled and grew, I knew from experience that it was very visible and I heard Alex draw his breath in as he saw it. He tongue-fucked me and teased my clit until I came with a big shudder, then he mounted me.

Tom said, "Can you fuck her so that I can see?"

"No problem," Alex replied. He laid at an angle beside me pushed his legs under my right, sandwiched my left and I found his cock nudging my open lips.With a small movement he entered me, it was like turning a tap on, my juice flowed, good job I had thought to place a large towel on the bed. He proceeded to fuck me. Gently at first with Tom watching closely and playing with his cock. Then we both heated up and Alex began to thrust harder, love-juice splashed out round his cock, both men were breathing very hard. "Oh yes!" I panted, as the thrills surged through me, "Fuck me harder!" Alex obliged, God, I loved it! As I said, Alex could last and he fucked me quite hard for at least fifteen minutes, with the odd rest now and then.

I knew I was moaning and crying out as I came more than once until suddenly I felt Alex draw back, ram his cock hard deep into me then felt the fierce spurts as he came,flooding my cunt with his lovely spunk.

He lay for a minute catching his breath then let his cock slip out. I could see Tom staring at my cunt as he moved over me. I was so wet and wide open that I hardly felt his cock nudge into me until he pushed it right up inside. "There, sweetheart, what a lovely cuntful, all spunk and cock!" The spunk was squirting out over my thighs and running round my bottom, I came, the most intense orgasm I'd had for years! And I was so worked up that I went on coming for all the rest of the time he fucked me. He rolled offand I lay exhausted, legs wide open. Then I felt someone kissing my messy cunt, it was Alex. He licked me, rammed his tongue into me worked my clit and mademe come and come again, then I heard him sucking, the intense feeling was more than I could bear and I passed out. When I came round Alex kissed me and passed a mouthful of love-juice and spunk into my mouth, I swallowed it. I had always liked the taste of Tom's spunk but I had never swallowed it, now I wanted more and demanded it, Alex sucked it all out of me and filled my mouth not once but several times.

That night was paradise for me as both men took turns to fuck me time and again. In the morning,so they told me, they couldn't wake me, they let me sleep until mid-day. Then they came up and fucked me again. I felt like a whore taking whatever cock wanted to fuck me, one new experience was when Tom was fucking me, Alex tossed off and put the knob of his cock in my mouth and all his spunk spurted straight down my throat. At least it was fresh as opposed the taste in my throat as I woke!

Sunday night, after Alex had returned home, we agreed that it had been the most exciting weekend we had enjoyed for many a year. Did we find a woman to make love to me and provide Tom with a different cunt to fuck, maybe I'll tell you later.