Written by marian

3 Feb 2006

Hello, as promissed here is my account of my first meet, yesterday afternoon, but before you read this you must look at my add 556533 to understand me,

Done that? now you know what i'm like,to all you experienced people this will sound trivial, but it was the most daring and sexy thing i've ever done, i had a masive response,not being a full memeber i could'nt reply to most, however i was quite clear what i wanted, someone to share my games with and have some fun, why did i pick JB ? well, most said what they would like to do to me, very flatering, but that's not what i wanted,J and a few others said they would love to go shopping with me, and at my age why not a 28 year old? He'd sent me a pic so i new what to expect and he turned up on the dot 12.30 on the bench outside St Mary's, I wore my new jogging bottoms, balocony bra, my favourite baggy vest and a short zip up top,i was unbelievably nervous and very cold, we chatted for a while then J said,c'mon then lets see you shop,first stop was Smiths, i undone my zip up and made my way to the corner of the shop and asked J to whatch, a chap was looking at cards there, i lent over for a short while then went back to J, he said the chap was looking right down my top, next we went to a big book shop, we went upstairs, there was a chap sat down reading, i told J to stand near him and watch, i made my way to them leaning over looking at the books, after i asked J, any good, he said he could see my nipples and so could the chap sat down, we did the same in a shoe shop,HMV and a few others, but i was getting very cold, J suggested coffee, we went to a big store with a coffee bar?? sipping our coffee J asked if i was wearing any undies, of course not, lets see those labs then, he said,i got up first, zipped my top up and put both hands in my pockets, from there i could pull my joggers right up, i felt the seam part my labs and turned to J and asked him if he could see them,awesome, i can see two lovely bulges, he said, lets walk through the mens wear then, we both saw a member of staff looking, then we made our way along Cornmarket, J said i was getting a lot of lookers,i asked J what he thought so far,he said it was the horniest thing he'd ever seen, i said time was getting on and i was cold, J asked if i'd walk to his car with him in the multi storey,but with my joggers still pulled up, ok then, he was parked on the third floor in the far corner, J got in and i was stood next to him, he asked if he could take a couple of pics on his phone to remind him, i said ok, but no face shots, out came the phone, lean over then,good, click,pull your joggers right up and i'll take a pic of your bulge's, ok, click, i'm freezing i said, get in then, and like a lamb i did, we sat for a while and warmed up, then J said,lift your top up so i can see those nipples again, ok, click, take your bra off now,hmm, i wasn't sure i wanted to go this far, c'mon J said, ok, beautifull, he said, can i play,ok, for the next couple of minutes he played with them, very gentle,then he started to squeeze my nipples, they were still rock hard from being so cold all afternoon and were begining to hurt, he took a couple more pics and then said, now you know what i want to see now, don't you? those labs,I had to think, the only person thats seen between my legs (apart from my husband)in the last 25 years is my GP, and when i gave birth to my children,J pleaded, ok then, but you must not penetrate me,god knows why, but i asked him to look the other way, he did and i pulled my joggers down and slipped a leg out, ok you can look now,J said open wider then,nervously i did,Wow,now i can see what all the fuss is about, he looked at me for ages then click, my left lab lip is bigger than my right one and J asked if he could touch it, ok, but no penetration, he held it betwwen his thumb and forefinger and began to gently play with it, pulling it too,after a minute or so he took a pic while pulling it out,unbelievable, he remarked. clit next then, he put his finger right on it and began to rub gently,i could feel a climax coming, i didn't want to for fear of loosing control, i said to J, it won't get any bigger you know, he said i know that, but tell me you're not enjoying it, he stooped, just in time!he put his fingers at the top of my vagina and pushed the skin up exposing my tiny clit totaly, then click, then he put his two fingers from the top and did the same, that hurt a bit, click, next thing he held my clit, click, and another click, time was getting on i said, ok, one more of your labs then, alright, open as wide as you can, i had my right leg against the seat back and my left against the dash, beautifull, he said,click, thats it then, i couldn't of done much more, my clit was sore, the top of my vagina was tender, i was leaking everywhere and my poor nipples ! i put my joggers back on and we looked at the pics, i was pleased with my breast shots, the one he took holding my lip was amazing, i would never of imagined he could of got it that far out of my vagina without hurting! but the very last one i could not believe,i was so open,it looked like i'd just given birth! J said i was gapping so much he could see in me, i composed myself, we talked for a while and he asked if we could do it again, i said i'd let him know, we said our goodbyes and that was it! on the bus going back to the park and ride i contemplated,I never intended to have full sex, just some fun,, did i fell guitly?no,did i enjoy myself? very much, did i feel vulnerable? no J was very respectfull, must have been the age gap, would i do it again? oh yes, but when the weather improves,so that was my very first meet, i'd like to read your coments, you can do that via my add 556533 do you fancy shopping with me one day too ? i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did, xmarianx