Written by Anonymous

14 Mar 2004

The last story about a boss makes me think of an incident two Christmases ago.My wife Linda and myself always had a good sex life both indoors and out and often used to stop somewhere private after a night out for a session always careful we weren't seen, never doing anything like dogging.

On the night of her company's do Linda had dressed in a dress, not too short but mid thigh and because she doesn't like tights and can't be assed with a suspender belt had on hold ups underneath with one of her sexy black bra and knicker sets to spice up our planned session on the way home.We enjoyed a nice evening in good company and as the evening drew to a close and as she was a little tipsy I suggested a dare to her which was to go to the ladies and put her knickers in her handbag and walk back through all the people knickerless.So off she went.

I should mention at this point her boss and his rather frumpy and oversized wife had sat on their seats at the edge of the dancefloor all evening with stony faces. Anyway Linda came back and as she walked past he started to talk to her and obviously asked her for a dance. A slow waltzy smoochy song was playing so they started to dance and I could see his hands holding her behind as he grinned at her and I was sure he was pressing his groin into her as he pulled her towards him. She started giving out distress signals over his shoulder but the song then finished so she smiled at him and came back to me whilst his wife looked daggers at him.

The DJ announced the last waltz and I invited Linda onto the floor and she told me how her boss had been pressing his prick into her and how horrible it had been. Anyway she confirmed her knickers were in her handbag and felt safer with me and we decided where to stop going home. I was still a bit miffed at him so as we were dancing near to him and his wife I manoeuvred Linda so her back was towards him and put my hands on her ass and smooched and kissed with her telling her how sexy she was especially with no knickers on and she starts pushing into me giving me an erection. I noticed the boss and his wife looking at us so I gradually eased up Linda's dress until I was pretty sure the tops of her hold-ups must have been showing and as the music finished moved the hem up over her ass so it would have been obvious she had no knickers on gave her a snog and we went back to her table.

We were feeling horny now and as people filtered out of the room including her boss we finished our drink and as the table was in a corner and out of sight of the exit we had another snog.I was virtually cumming now what with the thought of what I had done, what we were going to do on the way home and the thought of her knickerless. I realised I was not going to last now so told Linda to lie on the table quick lifted up her dress and slipped my cock deep into her bush.Her cunt was already lubricated from the thrill and felt like velvet. Anyone could have come back or a member of staff could have come to collect glasses. She was telling me to be quick butI only had to fuck her for about ten seconds before I was jet firing all my spunk into her and my bollocks felt empty. As I stood up to put my cock away I could see her cunt was open with spunk and cum juice leaking out rather rapidly and as she got off the table I noticed some of my spunk and presumably some of her come juice on the table top but as she looked for a tissue we heard someone walking back so we made our way to the exit casually so as not to attract attention. We never knew if it was found soon after or whether they cleaned up next morning when presumably it wouldn't be evident what it was. I was empty now so we didn't stop as planned on the way home. Linda climbed into bed just wearing her hold ups and got on top of me and fucked me while I lay there with my cock in the air and then I gave her a couple of orgasms in return for services rendered but didn't have any spunk left to come myself so we both fell asleep. The next morning we had the most amazing sex reminiscing on her standing in a room of people with no knickers on, me showing her bare ass to her boss and me fucking her quickly on a table where five minutes before lots of people had been. Linda had six or seven orgasms while I came twice, there wasn't much spunk there after the previous evening !

Apparently on the Monday her boss asked her if she had enjoyed the night to which she replied she did after. Ever since he keeps asking what she meant but she winds him up by just smiling. He has asked her out apparently but we have no secrets and we have a laugh about it.

Looking back we are glad we dared to do it but can't believe we actually did do it. Last Christmas we did the same routine but Linda didn't even wear any knickers out .Her boss watched her all evening and we had the raunchy last dance without being exhibitionist though her boss never took his eyes off my hands on her ass but as I never slid her dress up he was probably frustrated. On the way home we stopped at a layby beside a main road and I fucked her ass off while traffic drove past

Now we have fun planning what to do next Christmas and have several outrageous ideas which give Linda multi orgasms but whether we will have the nerve to do anything I doubt.The favourite seems to be no knickers and if we can get the table at the back where the lighting is poor she will sit on my lap looking into the room only it will be my cock she sits on. We have practised in front of a mirror to make sure nothing is visible from the front but what if someone comes and sits beside us. I have joked to her I will start thrusting inside her to see if she can retain control but we both know she wouldn't be able to and would have to ride up and down quickly on my cock herself tough if we do it to some music it may not look so obvious.We will have to practice !