Written by j&t

27 Oct 2003

me and my wife jan bought a new camera and decided to go a run to try it out,we went down the beach it was empty so jan started of with tame poses and with my encouragement got more dareing,soon she was almost naked,just her g-string to go to reveal her shaved pussy,as she took it off and i took the photo i was looking to see if it had turned out and on the photo i seen a man behind the wall watching. i told jan to move closer to the wall i wanted 1 of her on the wall(i didnt tell her we where being watched)he noticed i had seen him and i thought he might go but he didnt he kept on watching jan play with her tits,and sticking her fingers in her wet pussy and then he got his cock out and started to wank himself,i went over to jan told her she was being watched and she turned round to face him and started to push three fingers up her pussy and play with her clit the man wasnt long in shooting his come and when jan seen this she came fratically herself, the man dissapeared and me and jan went back to our car where she begged me to take her over the bonnet which i did and within minutes had shot my spunk over her arse. so all i would like to say is thanks to that stranger for a good night