Written by horneycouple63

24 Jun 2013

Our 2nd 3sum experience still makes me horny when I think about it now, mmmmmm, it went like this.......

It was a normal weekend away at the caravan, we had been into town in the morning and bought a french maids costume for me, my hubby said he needed to call to the site shop, and asked me to give him his present by putting it on for him, ready for when he returned, so I carefully put on the costume, pulled down the off the shoulder top, so my breasts were slightly exposed and put on some fishnet hold up stockings, and bright red lipstick, and my highest heels to complete the look, I went to the sink to pour myself a drink, and heard the caravan door open, the next thing I felt was breath on my neck, I instantly knew this was not my hubby, as he is not tall enough to do that, especially with me wearing heels, there it was again, only this time a nibble on my neck and hands reached round and cupped my breasts, I threw my head back and surrendered to the feelings, as I love my neck being nibbled, it makes my pussy throb, within a few moments, the hands moved down to my pussy, which was now wet with anticipation, he began to play with my clit, I moaned, and pressed back against him, feeling his hard cock against my bum, with one swift movement he spun both of us around, and pushed me face down over the table, which was behind us, I heard him unzip his trousers, and felt his hard cock enter me, he pushed into me harder and harder, until I felt him cum, his warm spunk filling me, after a few moments he pulled out of me, and I got up... ' I see you've met Clive ' , my hubby said, ' that was my real present, watching you getting fucked over that table ', I smiled, and suggested we all go into the living room and chill out.

In typical caravan fashion, there is a large curved seat that serves as a sofa, my hubby sat down, by this time he was naked, I was lying down on my back, so I turned and took his cock into my mouth, Clive sat at the other side of me and began to explore my pussy with his tongue, pushing the tip inside me, tasting the fragrant juices inside, I ran my tongue up and down the length of my hubby's shaft, before fully taking him into my mouth, he grabbed my hair and began to push his cock further into my mouth, getting harder, and faster with each thrust, until I felt him release all his cum into my mouth, he groaned and then pulled out, I swallowed, and then fully concentrated on what Clive was doing, by this time I was almost about to cum myself, my hubby positioned himself on the floor next to us and put his fingers inside my now sopping wet pussy, this tipped me over the edge, and I came with a force, squirting all over Clives face.

After a while we all sat up, 'I think I need to clean up a bit', Clive said, ' why don't you 2 go and get into the shower', my hubby said, ' I will wait out here', we went into the bathroom, and into the shower, the water cascading over our bodies, and began to wash each other, when it came to me washing his cock, I sank to my knees and after soaping him, and washing him, I took him into my mouth, just long enough to feel him grow in my mouth, ' lets go into the bedroom, I'll give you a massage', Clive said, we grabbed a couple of towels and some baby oil and went into the bedroom, where I laid face down on the bed. Clive began to rub oil all over my back, starting at my toes, all the way up to my neck, when he reached my inner thighs, he let his hands gently run over my pussy, driving me wild, leaving me wanting him to touch me more, once my body was oiled, Clive began to massage me, he sat astride me at 1st massaging my shoulders and back, then slowly moved himself downwards, holding my shoulders and slowly eased himself inside me, he began to use my oiled back to slide up and down, in and out of me, we rocked back and forth like this for a while, I then felt him move off me for a moment, and a very slippery finger entered my ass, 1st 1 then 2, followed my his cock, there was so much baby oil everywhere he just slid in, I pushed my ass back to met each thrust and finally he came, shooting into my ass with a force, he then looked at the time and said he needed to go, my hubby let him out, and came into the bedroom, and pushed his cock into my cum filled ass, fucking me hard, all the while telling me how much of a dirty tart I was, and how much I loved cock, and thanking me for the best anniversary present ever