Written by Deprived Hubby

25 May 2006

Jan & I had been married for 24 years, I took her cherry & the most she'd ever done with another guy (before me) was let him feel her tit's.

Jans a redhead 38E, a bit more padding now but she still looks fantastic. our sex life had been on the rocks for years, down to less than once a year & though I tried, she didn't want to know, sex to her was filthy & degrading & I was a perv for thinking about it.

Every month or so, she used to meet up with some old work colleagues, all girls & go for a meal, she would normally get a call on a Monday & they would go out on Friday, more often than not I would have to take her, then collect her afterwards from the restaraunt.

This was until she announced that they were going out on the coming friday, as her friend Marge had called her at work, this seemed a little strange as she had always rang our house & it would be me that chatted to her first.

Also, they were going straight from work.

Friday came, as I leave before Jan I did not see her get ready, but that evening about 7.30, the phone rang, it was Marge wanting to organise a meal!! I just said that Jan was out, but I'd let her know.

At 9pm Jan arrived home I was on the computer, I asked if the girls were ok & she said they were, she sounded a bit flustered & jumpy.

She said it had been a long day & she needed a bath, once in the bath I told her that I was putting some washing in the machine, she said fine. I emptied the laundry basket & the clothes she had been wearing had been put right at the bottom, I knew this because I had checked what was inthere earlier.

She had worn a see through blouse, white bra & to my surprise, a white thong, I didn't even know she owned a thong, also a smart pair of trousers, as I pulled the washing out, her thong & trousers were dripping wet, I took a sniff & the unmistakeable odour of semen was there, along with her juices obviously & her trousers had stains down to the knees, on checking her blouse, that was also stained & very wet.

After her bath she said she wanted an early night, at which point I told her about Marges call.

She was stunned for a minute, I then asked about her clothes.

At this she told me everything but the guys name, how she had met him on an Open Uni course, & he had first had her whilst on a suummer school, she'd slept with him for two weeks. As he lived some distance away, they couldn't meet up, not till today when he was here on business.

She'd gone to his hotel at lunchtime & after a very quick meal, he took her to his room where she ripped his trousers open & sucked him hard, yet another shock as she always refused to suck me, but he liked it & she spent a lot of the summer school practising.

Whist she was giving head he removed her trousers & pushing her thong to one side, began licking & fingering my wifes cunt, then whilst eating her, he put one, then two fingers into her arse.

They then changed position & he took her from behind, she had told him not to use a condom as she wanted filling with spunk. After he had come, she readily licked him clean, at this point she said she wanted more & he called a friend from the conference he was attending, five minutes later three guys came in, she told them to fuck her & fuck her hard, no hole was to be left unfilled.

At this point she stood in front of me & put the light on, her thighs, tits, back, buttocks & neck were covered in bites & bruises, she still had cum running from her very swollen cunt and as she stood there she said she'd enjoyed every minute and would take them all again, As I was obviously aroused she said that as a treat I could also fuck her, But if I didn't make her cum it would be the last I ever got.