Written by Donna

18 Apr 2006

I have just been shopping while my husband stayed home getting ready for work (nights) I have been horny all weekend being easter but i did not get cock from my hubby.I crave cock from strangers.Anyway i was feeling randy so on my way home i drove to the local dogging park in the water park.There were a couple of cars parked up with young guys in.I flashed my lights in daylight and they came over to my car i was fingering my pussy and had a tit out rubbing the nipple,i had made sure i was in a secluded spot being daytime today.They both got ther cocks out and started to wank so i opened the door and sat with my legs spread wide in the door of the car i had pulled my thong right to the side and was giving them a wide open show they said they were cumming so i laid back wide open and told them to spunk on my cunt which they did together the warm spunk splashed over my cunt as i fingerd it into my wet cunt.When they had finished i swivelled round into the car and without saying a word drove home.My thong was wet with cum as i put the shopping away talking to hubby who has no idea what a slut he is married too.I am now thinking of fulfilling my fantasy about being a whore.I just need cock all the time i think i am a nympho.