Written by Steve Walker

2 Jul 2017

Am I the only person who likes a dirty smelly woman for some dirty filthy stinking sex

I have experienced a few in my time and I really enjoy the smell and taste of women

Helen was massaging me and she took hold of my hand and pressed it into her pussy. I slipped my fingers in side and then took them out and put them into my mouth and said Very Tasty. She than sat on my face and told me to lick her out with my tongue.

Jean is 77 yrs old and has not trimmed her pubic hair for over 4 years

I have had many happy occasions with my head between her legs smelling her pussy and being told to wank myself but a couple of years ago I had arranged to see her and asked her not to bathe for as long as she was able - in the end she said that she has not washed her body for 4 days and not washed her pussy for a week.

I was instructed to bury my head in her armpits, kiss under her breasts, run my tongue down her bottom and finally to entertain her clitty and cunt with my tongue. I eventually moved into the 69 position and fucked her in the mouth with my head between her legs licking and sucking her dirty smelly cunt. Wonderful orgasm.

Susan is a large lady with very hairy armpits and a very hairy arse and pussy. I love kissing her cunt and smelling her and she likes my tongue inside her making her cum and squirt into my mouth.

Janet is another large lady but she shaves her pussy but still likes to sit on my face with it unwashed and make me slip my tongue inside her cunt and lick her out. She is a squirter and often will unload her squirt into my mouth and I just love drinking it up.

Debs - debs no 1 has a hairy pussy and likes to sit on my face and I love licking and sucking her clitty till she orgasms

Debs no 2 is a large lady with a shaved pussy and will tie me to the bed and then its on my face and smacks my cock till I suck her till she comes - She normally washes her pussy but quite often because she is over 50 the taste and the aroma are very strong

Julie i is 60 and has started growing her pubes. She again will often sit on my face and make me lick her out although she has started recently pissing over my face while I suck her and making me drink her golden nectar. She can go a week without washing her pussy and arse and makes me lick her till she is satisfied.

Naughty smelly ladies and I love them the more they smell and the dirtier they are