Written by judelooking

30 Nov 2006

i'm a 19yr old from hull and for some time now have been fantasising about other guys and taking a cock in my mouth and my tight virgin ass. anyway, one day i was feeling particularly horny and after browsing on here for a while i replied to an add which took my fancy, i exchanged numbers with the guy and agreed to meet up at his place on the same day, he was married but his wife was working during the day.

On the way to the guys house i was racked with both nerves and excitement but i knew i wanted this. He answered the door to me, 55yr old apparently, he looked good for his age, tall, broad, with a dirty glint in his eye. As soon as i got in he kissed me passionately with his tongue exploring my mouth, this turned me on no end, he told me to go upstairs and get changed into the outfit he had layed out for me on the bed.

Curious, i went upstairs and found his bedroom. Laid out on the bed was a sexy little school girl outfit. White blouse, very short pleated skirt, stockings and hold ups, with a pair of heels to boot. I have never really dressed up like this before but i was so hot and horny now i was past caring and quickly got changed. I must say, looking in the mirror i looked pretty hot and slutty, the skirt short enough it came up just above my tight ass.

By now the guy was in the bedroom, stripped naked, staring at me with a huge grin on his face. He asked me if i had been naughty, playing along i said 'yes sir, i've been a very naughty boy, i think i may need punishing.' With that he proceeded to bend me over his knee (i'm only quite slight and small so this wasn't a problem) and spank me, whilst saying 'mmm uve been a naughty boy havent you.' I didn't realise how turned on i would be by this, my cock was throbbing. He then threw me on the bed, kissing me passionately again whilst fingering my tight ass.

The he put me on all fours, lifted up my short skirt and started to lube up my ass, im not sure what with, but it was working. I felt his throbbing cock around my hole, sliding it up and down, he then entered me. It hurt like hell at first, but the pain soon gave way to pleasure. There he was, this fit, 55yr old guy, fucking me, on all fours, wearing stockings, heels and a skirt which was now lifted, i felt so dirty and i was enjoying every second of it.

He did what he wanted to me for the rest of the day, but thats another story...

This is 100% true by the way and i'm gagging for more cock, so if ur in the hull area and liked the story, get in touch!